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RoboRally, Part 1
What You Get


With the help of celebrity game designer Dr. Richard Garfield, Avalon Hill has relaunched RoboRally, Garfield's classic game of battling robots. RoboRally has been out of print since the late '90s.

This game of mechanized mayhem has maintained a dedicated following of fans and fanatics through game clubs, play-by-mail forums, and internet communities. An updated edition of the popular game will be released in July. Richard Garfield is also the creator of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game.

RoboRally is a fast-moving robot race. Each player tries to be the first to cross a series of checkpoints by maneuvering a robot across the floor of the "Grid Widget Factory." The course is laced with perils such as lasers, crushers, missile launchers, and conveyer belts.

This latest edition of RoboRally includes new design and play mechanics that differ from the game's original 1994 release, but it's still completely compatible with the first edition.

Here's what comes in your RoboRally box:

  • 8 Plastic Robots
  • 4 two-sided Factory Floor Boards
  • 1 two-sided Docking Bay Board
  • 2 Factory Floor Guides
  • 1 Rulebook containing:
    • 10 pages of rules
    • 24 pages of racecourse layouts
  • 8 Program Sheets
  • 26 Option Cards
  • 84 Program Cards
  • 8 Flags with Number Stickers
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 40 Life Tokens
  • 60 Damage Tokens
  • 8 Power Down Tokens
  • 8 Archive Markers
  • The Boards

    Instead of one board, RoboRally comes with four two-sided game boards that can be arranged in hundreds of ways to create an almost endless variety of racecourses. Each race is a new challenge!

    Remember that this race is taking place in the robot factory. The factory floor is filled with machinery that's handy to have when you're making robots but not so helpful when you're racing from here to there. Walls, conveyor belts, rotating platforms, pits, and lasers are among the hazards that make races interesting at Widget Manufacturing.

    Besides the different board arrangements, the racecourse can be different sizes. The Course Manual shows 34 courses varying from simple, one-board layouts to monster, four-board marathons. There are ten beginner courses, nineteen expert courses, and five team courses. Each course is rated as short, medium, or long; as easy, mid, or hard; and for the optimum number of players.

    Game Boards

    The Robots

    These guys don't need much introduction, so we won't give them any. We'll just show them off.

    The Robots

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    The Problem
    Option Cards

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