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Vegas Showdown
Fancy Tiles
By Alan Kwan

Last week, we looked at the basic tiles of Vegas Showdown. This week, we examine the three fancy tiles -- Fancy Slots, Fancy Lounge, and Fancy Restaurant. All have subtle values and weaknesses that go beyond their printed values.

A tile serves three purposes. One is to earn Fame points. Another is to serve as a prerequisite for other tiles as specified on the Building Prerequisites Chart. The third is to facilitate your layout and prevent it from becoming so cramped that you can't place additional tiles in optimum positions.

Each tile has eight attributes:

  1. Name
  2. Color: yellow (Casino), blue (Hotel), or green (either)
  3. Type: basic or premier
  4. Price: minimum-bid price (basic) or starting bid price (premier)
  5. Printed Values: Population, Revenue, and Fame
  6. Shape: size and doors (officially "entrances")
  7. Red Corners (yes or no)
  8. Building Prerequisites
  9. Event potential: some event cards name specific tiles

Fancy Tiles

All of the Fancy tiles have red corners and are specifically named on event cards together with the basic tiles. They serve as prerequisites for the important top tiles.

Fancy SlotsFancy Slots
price: 18
1 Revenue + 2 Fame
small tile with 2 doors + red corners

A Fancy Slots tile has fewer doors than basic Slots. That can sometimes be inconvenient, but it can be alleviated with some advance planning.

Fancy Slots is the cheapest tile with red corners. Its printed values are not bad for its price: Revenue is useful in the early game. The red corners can give you extremely good bang for the buck if you use them well.

Fancy LoungeFancy Lounge
price: 33
1 Population + 4 Fame
medium tile with 3 doors + red corners

The Fancy Lounge comes with a significant amount of printed Fame, and it is the prerequisite for the very important Theater.

Almost as important is that it is a medium tile, meaning that it has twice as many red corners as a small tile! Besides that, the Fancy Lounge also has good door placement for a red-cornered tile. Its medium size sometimes allows it to fit into places where large tiles cannot. In addition to its printed values, the Fancy Lounge has high layout value, especially when trying to build a red-cornered kingdom.

Fancy RestaurantFancy Restaurant
price: 33
2 Population + 1 Revenue + 3 Fame
small tile with 1 door + red corners

The Fancy Restaurant has red corners, but its small size and poor door layout give it minimum layout value. Being a small, blue tile, it contributes little to filling the Hotel. Having only one door, it frequently creates layout difficulties.

But the Fancy Restaurant has great printed values -- generally better than the Fancy Lounge. One extra income is always better than one more printed Fame if there are more than 10 game turns remaining. When the game ends, the Population and Revenue values may be worth some Fame, if they contribute to a better ranking in the final scoring.

Next week, we examine the premier tiles.

About the Author

Alan Kwan is the owner of a board game specialty store in Hong Kong, a long-time gamer, and Yinsh World Champion 2004.

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