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Gencon Indy Hosts 2004 AH Invitational

The 2004 Avalon Hill Invitational Tournaments for Acquire and Risk 2210 AD will be held at Gencon Indianapolis in August. If you haven't qualified yet, there's still time! Get the details ...

Risk Godstorm Wallpaper

If you don't yet have your Risk Godstorm wallpaper -- what are you waiting for? There's no easier way to make Zeus happy than to hang his picture on your PC.

Axis & Allies Rulebooks

In case you missed the earlier announcement, the rulebook for the revised edition of Axis & Allies is now available as a downloadable .pdf document. Whether the cat ate your copy, or your kid brother lost it, or you'd just like to preview the rulebook before buying the game, you can get a copy of it here.

Rules for other great Avalon Hill games are also available on our downloads page.

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