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Updated 11/11/2004

The magic miracle card Hammer of Thor is played immediately after drawing it due to rolling three of the same number in a godswar. Does it apply to that ongoing godswar?

Does the relic Pandora's Box get around the prerequisite of having the Death god before playing death cards with the Box?
Yes. If any rules on a miracle card contradict the rules in the rulebook, the rules on the card take precedence.

If you roll three 1s in a godswar not involving the goddess of magic (but you do have her somewhere else) and you end up getting the Spear of Odin relic, do you get to immediately reroll those 1s that got you the relic?

For the relic Tablet of Destiny, do you have to sacrifice at least one faith to benefit from it?

For the relic Book of the Dead, can you choose to decline armies that you would have raised for temples and/or ones that would have been raised through the Underworld, or is this just for armies raised through the controlling of X number of territories and complete regions?
You can't decline armies that you get by controlling a crypt in the Underworld or that you get from temples. Those armies aren't "raised."

Does the Goddess of Magic let you reroll 1s in godwars?

For the Death card The Mighty Have Fallen, what do you do when there are ties for the largest armies on the board?
The player of the card chooses from among those tied.

Do you always round unit losses down in the game? For example, if you have five armies in a territory that gets hit by a plague or miracle card that halves your army, are you always left with three? (Miracle cards that do this would be the death cards The Ground Shakes and The Mighty Have Fallen).
Yes. Always round unit losses down.

For the war card Heroes Are Born, must you pick from territories you control or can you pick any territory (like empty territories or enemy occupied territories)?
This card should read "Gain 3 armies in any one territory you control."

For the death cards The Ground Shakes and Blood Coats the Land, what is Mediterranea?
These cards should specify "Europa."

For the war card Visions Become Real, can this take relic cards or are relics not considered to be in your hand?
Relics are not considered to be "in hand."

For the Wind card Fog Lifts, can you completely empty out/abandon a territory if you have four or fewer armies in there?
No. You must leave at least one army behind.

Along similar lines as the above question, on the Death card The Dead Walk, are you allowed to abandon an Underworld space in this way if there are six or fewer troops on it?
Same answer. You must leave one army behind.

Atlantis is one of the options for death cards like Blood Coats The Land and The Ground Shakes. If you play these cards when Atlantis is already sunk and you get Atlantis on the roll, is the card just wasted or should you reroll? Similar question applies to the death card Paradise Is Lost.
Reroll. For Paradise is Lost, reveal another card.

This question is about the cards Blood Coats the Land and The Ground Shakes. If someone has out a card like Aegis, Shield of Athena, and someone plays one of those cards, when must the player with the shield decide whether to counter that miracle card's effect -- before or after the roll to determine the affected region? Similar question for the death card Paradise Is Lost.
You get to know exactly what the revealed card will affect before deciding whether to cancel it (after the die roll and after revealing a card).

When the war card Siren's Call is moving a large army containing gods to a space with a plague marker in it, when are the units and gods eliminated?
The gods and armies are considered to be "entering" the plague land, so they suffer the effects immediately. All gods are banished and the plague destroys half the armies.

When exactly can you play miracle cards? Is it right when you get them, or what?
You can play War and Death cards in your hand only during the 4th step of your turn. When you receive them because of performing their labor, you still must wait until the 4th step of your next turn. (Exception: The relic card Pandora's Box lets you draw a death card at the start of your turn, and you must play it immediately before you do anything else.)
For the Magic Goddess's relics, play them immediately when you get the card. These are always put into play the moment you draw them.
The Air God's miracle cards are played in response to attacks against you.

In a two-player game, would the three neutral armies that are placed into a plague territory at the start be subject to being halved?
Armies are only halved in step 5 of your turn or when you first enter a territory that contains a plague land. The neutral armies do not have turns, so there is no step 5 for them, and they do not invade and move into territories. For these reasons they would not be halved.

The War card Faith Shall Deliver states "Draw 2 cards from any miracle card deck." Can I use this card to draw from the Relics miracle card deck even though I do not have the Goddess of Magic summoned?

Then do I follow the instruction on the Relic card to "Play Immediately" or must I wait until I have the Goddess of Magic summoned to actually play the Relic card?
A:You must wait until you have the Goddess of Magic in play. The Relic card only allows you to draw the cards (which breaks the rule of needing the god in play to draw its corresponding miracle card). The game rule of playing miracle cards still stands: To play a miracle card, you must have the card's corresponding god in play.

So when I do finally get the Magic Goddess, must I play those relics that were in my hand immediately or can I hold onto them?
You must play them immediately upon summoning your Magic Goddess.

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