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d20 Modern Adventures 02/11/2003

Team Bravo: The First Assignment
by Eric Cagle

Advances in science are always making new things possible. But in Eric Cagle's new miniadventure for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, it is something old that has been made possible once again. Dinosaurs now roam the streets of the city, courtesy of a military research grant and a scientist with an interest in cloning. But his creations escaped the lab and are now hunting for meals among the unknowing citizenry. Like many other researchers before him whose experiments have gone awry, this one hopes to recapture his creatures with no one the wiser. But the dinosaurs have other plans . . . . Check out Eric Cagle's new miniadventure for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game for 2nd-level characters.

Preview the Adventure

Dr. Arthur Fulbert, a brilliant researcher, has been working for several months on a government grant to develop living weapons for the military. Recently, he made a breakthrough -- he successfully cloned dinosaurs from fossilized DNA. He grew several deinonychus embryos to maturity in his laboratory on the outskirts of town. Based on the age of the DNA and the techniques he employed, Dr. Fulbert expected the resulting creatures to be alive but brain dead -- perfect subjects for conducting a safe and orderly study. But he was wrong. Whether he miscalculated, or whether the Shadow that has been advancing on the world supplied some weird energy that activated the creatures' minds, they exhibited all the animal cunning of their prehistoric ancestors. Once they had reached full size, three of the dinosaurs awakened and smashed their way out of their growth containers. Dr. Fulbert managed to evade them, but he could not stop them.

The creatures loped off into the city, where they set up a lair in a nearby sewer and began hunting for food. The scientist managed to locate them using a tracking device keyed to implants he had placed in their bodies. He tried to recapture them, but they became enraged at the intrusion and attacked, forcing Fulbert to flee for his life in the company van.

Dr. Fulbert is desperate and on the ragged edge of sanity. If he's caught, not only will he go to prison for endangering innocent people, but all of his work will be wasted. Though he still would like to get the creatures back unharmed so that he can continue his research, he realizes now that that probably isn't possible. Thus, he has done his best to lie low, hoping the creatures won't be connected to him.

About the Author

Eric Cagle is a freelance game designer, previously associated with Wizards of the Coast's Roleplaying Games R&D department. Recent credits include the D&D Arms and Equipment Guide, Fiend Folio, design work for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, and the Urban Arcana Campaign Setting for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game. He's a frequent contributor to both Dragon magazine and the Dungeons & Dragons website.

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