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d20 Modern Adventures 07/08/2003

A Funny Thing Happened at Carousel #5
By Stan!

Professor Henry Bogdanovich's research could revolutionize police work -- and the art of espionage as well. Thus, it comes as no surprise that everyone seems to want the prototype of his new device. In Stan!'s new miniadventure for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, the heroes must escort the professor and his device safely to their meeting with the Department-7 brass. But can they foil everyone who wants to steal his research? Check out Stan!'s new miniadventure for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game. This adventure is designed for 7th-level characters.

Preview the Adventure

Not every adventure pits the heroes against malign forces bent on world domination. In fact, sometimes the most interesting situations occur completely by accident.

Professor Henry Bogdanovich is a research scientist from a small, two-year college somewhere in the Midwest. He has developed a theory that ordinary objects absorb the sounds made near them and, under the right conditions, can be made to play back those sounds with amazing clarity. In other words, every chair, table, and wall in the world can function as a recording device. Bogdanovich has been trying for years to prove his theory, and he has recently enjoyed some limited success in laboratory experiments. But he needs additional funding to develop a portable playback device suitable for use in the field.

Scientists within Department-7 believe that Professor Bogdanovich's theories may prove invaluable to the organization's work. Thus, they have arranged to fly him into town so that he can explain his theories and provide a demonstration for the funding committee.

Bogdanovich is prone to making "suboptimal choices," and his most recent one was to check the bag that contained his research notes and prototype device on the airplane. Retrieving it from the luggage carousel at the airport should be a simple enough task . . . but wait! Why are there suddenly several bags that have the same unusual design as his? And who are all these people grabbing for them? Is it industrial espionage, or just a case of lost luggage?

About the Author

Stan! has been publishing fiction, cartoons, and games professionally since 1982. He has served as a graphic designer and line editor for West End Games, an editor and designer for TSR, Inc., and an author, senior designer, and creative director for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Stan! is currently involved in freelance writing, game design, and illustration, and he is the Creative Vice President for The Game Mechanics, Inc. His recent projects include Urban Arcana, for Wizards of the Coast, and the Modern Player's Companion, volume 2, for The Game Mechanics.

Stan! lives in Renton, WA where he eats nothing but meat and cheese. Although he is not particularly a Barbara Streisand or Ryan O'Neill fan, What's Up, Doc? is one of his all-time favorite films, and he suggests you check it out. Visit Stan! online at (www.stannex.com).

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