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d20 Modern Adventures 04/13/2004

Too Far Gone
By Owen K. C. Stephens

If even the best-intentioned beings can be turned to evil, how much easier does the process become when fueled by obsession and insanity? The island of Kongauru has been ignored since WWII, since it is unclaimed by any nation or interest group. But in this isolation, an evil augmented by power not of this world has grown and festered. Unless it is stopped very soon, it will unleash a devastation like none ever seen before on humanity. Can the heroes stop the building horror before it's too late? This adventure is designed for 16th-level characters.

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Kongauru, a mid-sized island in the Pacific Ocean, was the site of a few minor battles between American and Japanese forces during WWII, but it has been abandoned since then. Officially in international waters, Kongauru is claimed by no government and is outside any major shipping lane or aircraft flight path. Since it has no commercial or strategic value, and its wicked shoals and unseasonably nasty storms are legendary, no one bothers to go there.

Because of its isolation, Kongauru makes a perfect base for anyone wishing to observe humanity while remaining undetected. Recently, however, monsters have been seen on and around the island, and sightings of UFOs have become more frequent. Could there be a connection between these diverse reports? Is someone -- or something -- using the isolated island to plot against humanity itself?

About the Author

Owen Kirker Clifford Stephens was born in 1970 in Norman, Oklahoma. He attended the TSR Writer's Workshop held at the Wizards of the Coast Game Center in 1997 and moved to the Seattle area in 2000, after accepting a job as a Game Designer at Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Fourteen months later, he returned to Oklahoma with his wife and three cats to pick up his freelance writer/developer career. His credits include author and co-author credits on numerous Star Wars and EverQuest projects, as well as Bastards and Bloodlines from Green Ronin. He also has producer credits for various IDA products, including the Stand-Ins printable figures.

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