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d20 Modern Adventures 05/03/2005

Dire Wavelengths
By Rich Redman

A garbled, static-filled transmission in a foreign language emanates from a car radio's speakers and tells the heroes to stop an actress from reaching the location of her movie shoot. But where does this transmission come from, and why can't anyone else hear it? Dire Wavelengths is the fourth in the Grim Frequencies adventure series by Rich Redman


Soft electronic whines and discordant buzzes pop from the speakers, and a voice breaks through the static intermittently. "Go [STATIC] Excelsior Hotel [BEEP] corner of [WHINE] and Maple," says the voice. "Stop Chris [BUZZ] Dée [WHISTLE]. She must not go [STATIC] movie set today. She [BUZZ] in twenty minutes. Hurry, and do not fail!"

About the Author

Before Rich Redman came to Wizards of the Coast's RPG R&D department, he had been an Army officer, a door-to-door salesman, the manager of a computer store, a fundraiser for a veterans' assistance group, and the manager of Wizards of the Coast's Customer Service department. Rich is a prolific game designer who has worked on the Dungeons & Dragons game, the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, and Dark*Matter. When he's not working as vice president of The Game Mechanics, a d20 design studio, Rich does freelance game design, cooks, and practices yoga, tai chi, and silat.

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