DCI Sanctioned-Event Information

Dreamblade 1K events:

The 1K Tournaments have a unique structure that distributes Cash Prizes out to a large number of players. In addition, players can earn Boosters, DCI Ratings Points, and Dreamblade Rewards. Twenty 1K Tournaments will be scheduled every month. 1K Tournaments will be run by premier tournament organizers and will be placed large retail stores or hotel ballrooms across North America.

Beginning in November 2006, the DCI will expand the number of Tournament Organizers awarded 1K Tournaments. The DCI will select new 1K Tournament Organizers from a list of qualified applicants as needed. The DCI selects new 1K Tournament Organizers bases upon territory, geographic need, event availability, and Tournament Organizer qualifications. Not every qualified 1K applicant will receive a Dreamblade 1K event due to the limited number of events available, however the DCI will only select new 1K Tournament Organizers from their list of qualified applicants, so you should apply if you wish to qualify for a 1K Tournament.

Dreamblade Tournament Organizer 1K Event Requirements:

In order to qualify to be put on the list of available 1K Tournament Organizers and stores, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

If you meet all of these requirements and wish to be added to the list of possible1K Tournament Organizers, send an email containing the following information to the DCI. Please make sure that your email subject line reads, 1K application:

Dreamblade Edge events:

Edge Tournaments are weekly store-based tournaments for Wizards’ exciting new collectable miniatures game, Dreamblade. Edge Tournaments award alternate paint miniatures to the top-2 finishers and one random player -- bonus DCI Ratings Points are awarded to ALL participants.

Each month, a different miniature will be given out. These minis will be from the current set, and feature a striking alternate paint treatment. These promo minis are available ONLY through Edge Tournaments!

Edge Tournament Rules:

If you currently run DCI tournaments in your store, and are interested in running Edge Tournaments, please send an email to the DCI for more information. Please make sure that your email subject line reads, Dreamblade Edge Events.

General DCI Sanctioning Information:

Running DCI-sanctioned tournaments is a great service you can offer your players, keeping them involved in organized play at your location for a long time to come.

The DCI now sanctions tournaments for the following games:

The DCI creates standardized rules for play and tournament reporting procedures so your players know what to expect when they attend your tournaments, DCI sanctioning also allows them to build ratings and rankings-giving them local prestige and the possibility of taking their play to the highest levels.

The DCI uses the Elo rating system for nearly all games it supports. This method of calculating player ratings and rankings allows players to gain or lose points based on the strength of the opponent they are facing. For more information about the Elo system, please refer to Appendix A of the Universal Tournament Rules.

Required Reading

To serve your players best, you need to know and use the following documents when sanctioning events with the DCI:

The following documents are available for download in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit the Adobe site for a free download.

1. DCI Sanctioning Policies

DCI Sanctioning requires organizers to follow specific policies. Please refer to section 80 of the Universal Tournament Rules.

2. Event Sanctioning Application and Instructions



3. DCI Tournament Rules

By running a DCI Sanctioned Tournament, you players know what to expect. It is imperative that you you know, too! Make sure you thoroughly read the DCI Universal Tournament Rules as well as the game specific rules for the event you are running.

4. Tournament Report Submission Policies

To find out how to submit your event reports, please refer to section 90 of the Universal Tournament Rules.

Electronic Reporting is the quickest way to get your event results back to the DCI. It's not a requirement, but it offers great player service. Make sure you have reviewed the submission policies in the Universal Tournament Rules, and then click below for more information on electronic reporting:


Access to the DCI TO Information Centre requires a password. Go to the site to get information on how to get a password.

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