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Aspect of Tiamat Download This Article 08/03/2006

Rakshasa Download This Article 07/06/2006

War Troll 06/15/2006

Red Slaad Download This Article 10/20/2005

Aspect of Nerull Download This Article 09/29/2005

Eye of Gruumsh Download This Article 02/03/2005

Aspect of Bane Download This Article 01/06/2005

Yuan-Ti Abomination Download This Article 12/23/2004

Mind Flayer Download This Article 11/25/2004

Drider Sorcerer Download This Article 11/11/2004

Thayan Knight Download This Article 09/30/2004
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The very best sort of villain is one who never goes away. Each installment of Recurring Villainy presents a powerful foe and his minions in twenty encounters ranging across seven experience levels.

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