D&D Miniatures06/28/2007

Night Below Illuminated
June 28, 2007

With the gallery available, you now can see all the minis for the soon-to-be-released Night Below expansion for the D&D Miniatures game. There's not much else I can show you. This weekend, prerelease events around the US and Canada offer Limited tournaments featuring the latest set. The following weekend, even more stores are hosting release events celebrating the newest addition to the DDM line.

There are a few clarifications for Night Below, along with the rules update included in each booster, that will help this weekend's prerelease events run smoothly. These will be incorporated into our online reference for D&D Miniatures rules. The following are listed by the respective miniature and the ability in question:

Aspect of Loviatar, Immune Pain -- This ability prevents effects from spells or abilities that specify living creatures in their target descriptions. It does not prevent abilities such as sneak attack.

Cerebrilith, Psychic Cleave -- The swift action granted by this ability must be used immediately.

Deep Legionnaire, Stonestep -- Because it uses "place" language, this ability does not count as movement.

Delver Sergeant, Efficient Orders -- This commander effect is optional.

Giant Eagle, Flyby Attack -- This ability allows the creature's normal attack to take place during its movement, and functions like Spring Attack.

Greater Basilisk, Petrifying Gaze -- This ability is a gaze attack and follows all such rules for gaze attacks.

Hierophant of the Seventh Wind, spark of life -- This spell also ignores Spell Resistance All. When a construct loses Construct Traits or an undead loses Undead Traits, it also loses Fearless and Immune Confusion, Critical Hits, Dominate, Incite, Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, Sneak Attack, and Stun, even if those effects are listed separately on its card. A construct or undead affected by this spell can be affected by heal effects and negative damage (as if the creature were not undead or construct). An undead affected by this spell cannot be Turned. The target's Type does not change. This spell has no effect on creatures that are not either constructs or undead.

Hobgoblin Marshal, Commander Effect -- This effect applies to followers that begin their turn within range of the commander effect. If on its turn the follower moves out of range, the effect persists until the end of that creature's turn.

Kalashtar Bodyguard, Bodyguard -- The Kalashtar Bodyguard's Bodyguard ability is a new version of Bodyguard. Older creatures with Bodyguard are unchanged.

If the Kalashtar Bodyguard is not adjacent to or within melee reach of the attacking creature, resolve the attack as if the bodyguard were in the original target's space. Otherwise, resolve that attack using the Kalashtar's actual space (to determine flanking bonuses, cover, or other conditional modifiers).

Kalashtar Bodyguard, Lucky Weapon -- Lucky Weapon applies only to the attack roll of a single attack.

Lady Vol, Commander Effect -- When a follower that already has a Death Burst ability is destroyed, it can choose to use either its own Death Burst or the one granted by this commander effect, but not both.

Lifeleech Otyugh, Lifeleech Aura -- This ability functions only once per turn.

Mind Flayer Lich, magic missile -- This is a new version of magic missile. Older versions of that spell are unchanged.

Medusa Archer, Petrifying Gaze -- This ability is a gaze attack, and follows all such rules for gaze attacks.

Medusa Archer, Archer's Eye -- Creatures immune to gaze attacks are not affected by this ability.

Prisoner, Objective -- Like most special abilities, this special ability does not stack with itself (for instance, if you have two Prisoners in victory areas, you only double your victory points once).

Raistlin Majere, magic missile -- This is a new version of magic missile. Older versions of that spell are unchanged.

Trained Carrion Crawler, Opportune Paralysis -- This ability doesn't stack.

Wild Mage, hailstones -- The secondary target of this spell must be within line of sight of the primary target and within 6 squares of the primary target. The secondary target does not need to be within 6 squares of the caster or within line of sight of the caster.

Wild Mage, Wild Magic Aura -- This ability applies to spells cast by any creature, including enemies. For spells that allow saving throws for half damage, adjust the damage before the saving throw.

The effects of multiple Wild Magic Auras do not stack. The acting player can choose which aura result to use.

Wild Mage, Wild Magic Surge -- This ability triggers any time the result of the d20 roll for Wild Magic Aura is 11 or greater (even if no damage is taken from the spell -- e.g., because of Incorporeal). However, if a spell is potentially affected by multiple Wild Magic Auras, only the Wild Mage that actually affected the spell will be able to use his Surge to regain hit points (see Wild Magic Aura).

Wulfgar, Ranged Attack -- Wulfgar's ranged attack is like a Range 6 attack but can target a creature up to 12 squares away.

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