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Epic Stat Cards
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Something new is in the mix for retailer kits in 2006. In addition to the usual promotional minis and their related stat cards, each month's kit includes Epic stat cards to power up a miniature from a recent D&D Miniatures set. Designed specifically for D&D Campaigns, you won't find these Epic gems in Booster or Starter Packs. A different Epic stat card is released each month. Downloadable versions of the cards are added to the Miniatures Tournaments web pages the month following a kits release, but the only way to grab an actual card is to attend a D&D Campaigns event at your local retailer.

Epic level stat cards are legal for the OP Epic (500 point) format and are eligible for play from the month they are released onward. For example, the Aspect of Lolth is legal from January 2006 onwards as it was released in January's D&D Campaigns retailer kits.

The following cards became eligible for play in the month indicated and are now available to download.

2008 Cards

Storm Archer.Feral Troll.Umber Hulk Delver.Sahuagin Baron.Elf Conjurer.Sphinx.
Capricious Copper Dragon.

2007 Cards

Lord of Blades.Githyanki Dragon Knight.Stone Giant RunecarverWerewolf LordWizard of TurmishVirtuous Charger
Hierophant of the 7th Wind.Dread WraithMind Flayer LichFrost Giant Jarl.Archmage.Storm Archer.

2006 Cards

Aspect of Lolth.Mordenkainen the Mage.Lord Soth.Aspect of Nerull.Mounted Paladin.Guenhwyvar.
Golden Protector.Storm Archer.Archmage.Drizzt, Drow Ranger.Drizzt, Drow Ranger.Kolyarut.
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