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Caught in Mielikki's Web

Campaign News

In the wee hours of the morning as rain collected in the mana pool, the RPGA web dwarf stomped into the courtyard at Wizards, proclaimed "Ets ne'rly dune," then trudged off to tend his hungry compiler beast and the jittering number crunchers. Despite his verbal economy, our truncated friend was really announcing that the website for the Legacy of the Green Regent is nearly complete -- and everyone needs to know!

While our server gnomes and database duergar are still refining character tracking and play reporting, the official Legacy of the Green Regent message board fires-up June 17th, and the bulk of the Green Regent website goes live soon after. Despite the hustle and bustle, we thought you might like a quick preview of the Legacy of the Green Regent website.

Campaign News
Sometimes we have vital new information for you, and sometimes we just want to share. Campaign News sheds light on breaking developments and helps you keep pace as the Legacy races along. Be sure to check the website for the most timely campaign updates.
Back Story
These articles support your play by providing you with background and setting information while weaving in subtle hints to aid your adventuring. We've already released "What is the Green Regent?" but what about the Red Fellowship, the Grey Migrations, the Zhents…? It's all on the schedule. We provide some answers, but you must solve the mystery.
Dispel Confusion
Despite our playtester's wiles, one never know what's going to happen when thousands of creative players and GMs join a setting. To help address rules issues as they arise, we're dusting off an old institution, the RPGA precursor to Sage Advice, called "Dispel Confusion."
Design Notes
The D&D Campaign program is sounding a new course for large-scale campaign play, so expect game rules and character creation guidelines that are familiar yet different from other campaigns. To ensure that sessions are challenging, fair and engaging, game designers spent the last year making tough decisions -- and our halfling informants have mysteriously obtained their legal pad. Expect some juicy insights as we examine the campaign's gears and girding in Design Notes.

Character Tracking
Mustering tremendous courage, one of our halfling informants surrendered her bag of candy-coated peanuts to obtain technical schematics from the server gnomes. Knowing full well the kitchen was at the far end of the building, she risked terrible hunger pains discovering plans for members to maintain and track multiple characters online. The cryptic diagrams depict players printing character records before playing at events and presenting these credentials to their GMs. The records include character information, and play history. Rather than toting around volumes of paperwork, a character's complete play history is included on one or two sheets of paper.

When reporting results for Legacy of the Green Regent campaign adventures, GMs record information relating to both the players and the characters used in the adventure. Players earn points toward the D&D Player Rewards program. Character may accumulate gold and experience from their journeys, or they may sadly proceed to the afterlife or seek counseling after having lost experience or gold when the GM reports adventures gone sour. Once all the sessions are reported and the event is validated, player and character records are updated automatically.

It's easy to start playing Legacy of the Green Regent. We're making pre-generated characters available for each class, so you can fire them off your printer and start playing. These quickstart characters are also tied to figures from the upcoming D&D miniatures line, so it's easy to track down good miniatures for your game. You even gain special benefits when you use the exact miniature with your quickstart character.

Since D&D 3.5, Legacy of the Green Regent, and the new D&D miniatures line all emphasize the dynamic, visual representation of the game with figs, battle grids, and terrain, we thought we'd help you take the experience a step further. The main RPGA site will feature a series of articles to help you take your miniatures to the max. As Skip Williams sheds light on a variety of topics including touching up and modifying minis or special considerations when working with plastics or metal, you're bound to discover a trick or two, so your Green Regent mini stands out poised for action.

As we ready our web launch, the intelligents reports keep rolling in. Be sure to visit again soon. We just received a scintillating tidbit about Stedd Rein and the Red Fellowship, which we just might be willing to share.

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