Back Story

These articles support your play by providing you with background and setting information while weaving in subtle hints to aid your adventuring. If you want to know more about the the Green Regent, Loudwater, the Red Fellowship, the Grey Migrations, the Zhents, or other aspect of the campaign, you've come to the right place. We provide some answers, but you must solve the mystery.

The Story So Far

What is the Green Regent?
Those of you new to Loudwater and the Delimbiyr Vale may be asking yourself, What is the Green Regent? Well, my friends, the answer is delightfully easy and yet tricky. For the answer is, "It depends."
A Fellowship Rises
In the case of some stories, it’s good to start at the end and let it wind its way to the beginning. This is especially true when retelling the lives of heroes and tyrants. That way we can learn valuable lesson on how the road sometimes shapes the traveler.

Green Regent Home

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