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Online Ordering Available

Campaign News

The RPGA is happy to announce that the first two Legacy of the Green Regent adventures, LGR1 Extermination and LGR2 Gray Hunt, are now available for event ordering. They are immediately available for convention ordering, and will be available for gamedays on October 15, and home play on November 15, 2003. Both these adventure retire on December 31, 2003.

Come October 2003, the campaign pushes on with the release of LGR3 Key to Phantom’s Cloister. Released mid-month, the adventure is the first of the two-part Phantoms’ Cloister Series, that continues with the November release LGR4 Secret of Phantoms’ Cloister.

Two more Legacy of Green Regent releases are slated for December. At Gen Con So Cal, we’re unleashing LGR5 Dark Exodus, and LGR6 Epidemic, along with a replay of LGX1 Under High Lord’s Hall. Dark Exodus and Epidemic should appear in the ordering system in time for Christmas.

After adventures retire, they are bundled into a large pack that RPGA Gamemasters may order for home play events. While campaign play and character tracking is over for these adventures, members who missed them for campaign play can play them to keep pace with the story. Legacy of the Green Regent Adventure Bundle 1, consisting of the first four adventures, and LGX1 Under High Lord’s Hall, the Gen Con 2003 exclusive event, release February 2004.

When planning your event calendar, be advised that dates can change, and the RPGA General Rules state that you advertise adventures that not in the ordering system at your own risk.

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