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D&D Campaigns online character tracking for Legacy of the Green Regent is available. Now you can create and track up to six characters. Sign on to the Members Page, select Legacy of the Green Regent Character Tracker and build your arsenal today.

If you've already played Legacy of the Green Regent but haven't created a character yet, the server gnomes created a default character* for you. Results for your play are recorded with this character. To view your play history and fill out the name, starting campaign card, race, and class for this character, click on the entry in the name field -- in this case "Default Character." This opens the Character Detail page where you can flesh out the character details. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can review your play history. This page is also where you print out your character record.

If you haven't created a character, or you're simply gung-ho to create more characters, all you do is click Add New and fill in the necessary details for your new champion. When selecting your starting campaign card remember, you must actually have the card with you to use the character in RPGA-sanctioned play.

*Normally, the default is only used when you haven't set up a character yet; or, if you have set up characters but the GM reporting your results is unsure of which character you played, results are reported to the character you have designated as your default. You can designate a new default at anytime once you've created other characters. Changing your default doesn't work retroactively and reassign reported results to the new default. Changing the default only means that when uncertain results are reported in the future, they are tagged to your new default character.

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