Dispel Confusion Issue 1
September 16, 2003

Despite our playtesters’ wiles, you never know what's going to happen when thousands of creative players and DMs join a campaign. To help address rules issues as they arise, we're dusting off an old institution, the RPGA precursor to Sage Advice, called "Dispel Confusion."

Specific campaign questions can be mailed to: dispelconfusion@wizards.com.

Each offering of Dispel Confusion is titled with the campaign name, and the issue number, followed by the date of release (which is also the date when errata goes into effect). Older issue are archived by the campaign title and the issue number.

Each issue is split into two categories: clarification, and errata. Clarifications are typically answers to frequently asked questions that don’t affect the Campaign Standards or other campaign documents. Errata are changes we are going to make to the campaign documentation that need to be communicated as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the next version or printing of campaign documents. When the change have been incorporated into the campaign documents, the text for the piece of errata is changed to red in the Dispel Confusion archive.

All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks v.3.5.

It doesn't say in the Campaign Standards, but I assume all PCs start with maximum hit points at 1st level?

Your assumption is correct. It’s not stated in the Campaign Standards because it is stated on page 6 of the Player's Handbook v.3.5. The Campaign Standards modifies the character creation rules found in the Player’s Handbook v.3.5.

With the campaigns digital tracking of experience, how are characters supposed to advance between adventures?

When you come to an RPGA-sanctioned event (convention, game day, or home game) you play that character in every session (occurrence of an adventure played) of that event.

For example, Stefan brings his 5th-level character to a convention. That convention has two Legacy of the Green Regent adventures that he hasn’t played yet. Stefan believes that his character is only 100 XP shy of 6th level. Now Stefan has to make a choice. If he plays both adventures, he plays them with his 5th-level character. While you are allowed to retool between events (be they conventions, game days, home games), you can't do it between sessions (adventures played) at the same event. Stefan can, though, play one of the adventures, and then pick up the other at another event after his Character Record has been updated. This way he would play his 5th-level character at the convention he is at, and—assuming that he gets at least 100 XP during that game—he can play a 6th-level character at the next event he attends.

How can I change the alignment of my character?

Currently you can’t. Down the line we are looking to add some extra functionality that allows your DM to report alignment shifts.

Does an orc of the High Forest treat an orc double axe as a martial weapon?

No. Orcs of the High Forest do not have weapon familiarity in any weapons. All orcs of the High Forest are proficient with the greataxe and the shortbow, as stated on the Orc of the High Forest Campaign Card.

What are the restrictions on the races when creating a fullplay character? Can you start out as a fey'ri?

The restrictions on fullplay characters are the same as those for coreplay characters. To have races other than those detailed in the Player’s Handbook v.3.5, you must have and choose a corresponding creation Campaign Card at 1st level. Since there is currently no Of the Fey’ri campaign card, you cannot play a fey’ri character.

If I buy something with my cash on hand (CoH) does it get added to my equipment value (EV)?

No. CoH resets at the beginning of the next adventure round, and the equipment you bought with it goes away. For example, if you use your CoH to buy 50 feet of silk rope, at the start of your next adventure round you no longer have the rope, but you do have the 10 gp that you spent on the rope. You can use that coin to buy the rope again, or spend it on something else, but you do not keep the item or transfer the 10 gp to your EV.

Does the Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns allow partial base attack bonus calculations? For instance, if my character is a Cleric 1/Monk 1, do I get a base attack bonus of +1 instead of +0?

No. This is not how a character’s base attack bonus is calculated in D&D. Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns uses the standard method for calculating a characters base attack bonus.

I heard that the Miniatures Handbook was going to have new core classes. First, will the Miniatures Handbook be placed on the Legacy of the Green Regent secondary source list? Second, can we add these new base classes to expansion list, and if so, when?

Yes, the Miniatures Handbook features a number of new core classes, and yes it will be placed on the secondary source in the upcoming Campaign Standards version 1.1. These new core classes will be restricted, which means they can only be allowed via a Campaign Card. The Legacy of the Green Regent Set 3 Campaign Cards features a creation card and a number of expansion cards unlocking new core classes.

Since the Campaign Standards state that I can choose feats feely from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, as long as the feat doesn’t appear on a restricted list, does that mean I can take regional feats outside of my character’s region? For instance, could my character from Waterdeep take Arcane Schooling or Blooded?

No. There are regional requirements to regional feats. Choosing freely doesn’t mean that you don’t have to fulfill a feat’s requirements.

According to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, the Sun Elf region can grant a wand of color spray with 20 charges. Given the changes in consumable magic item prices in the campaign, is that still correct?

No. It grants a wand of color spray with 5 charges, which is still a pretty good magic item to start with.

The Agent of the Red Fellowship card talks about the Red Boar Trading Coaster. Is this supposed to be the Red Boar Trading Coster?

Yes. While the Rein family owns a couple of coasters that travel and trade between Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep, that particular line has an error: it should be the “Red Boar Trading Coster.”

I understand that consumable items cost more in D&D Campaigns, and that ammunition is a consumable item. But I am unclear about some ammunition prices. How many normal arrows do I get for 5 gp and how many alchemical silver arrows do I get for 15 gp.

This confusion comes from some parenthetical numbers accidentally removed from Table CS—3: Cost Changes for Consumable Items and Animals. Normal ammunition costs are for batches of 20. Masterwork, alchemical silver, and cold iron prices are for single items.

On page 9 of the Campaign Standards it states that I am free to purchase feats and equipment from any of the v.3.5 core books. Does this mean that I can purchase laser guns, and take monster feats?

No. That bit of text should state: “Characters can freely purchase mundane and magical items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide v.3.5 (chapter 7, and the pistol and musket from chapter 5), Player’s Handbook v.3.5 (chapters 7 and 11), and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (chapter 2 and the equipment section of chapter 3) that don’t appear on restricted lists, and can choose feats and spells from the Player’s Handbook v.3.5 and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting that don’t appear on restricted lists.

The following is added to the restricted list in Appendix 2:

Monster Manual v.3.5 -- All the feats from chapter 6.

Next month, Dispel Confusion focuses on prestige class questions.

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