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Fastplay Characters

Fastplay characters are primarily designed to be played and advanced by players who need a character, but have little experience with Dungeons & Dragons, or those who don't have time to construct one. Each fast play character is keyed to a Dungeons & Dragons miniature. If you play a fastplay character with that miniature, it unlocks a bonus that works exactly like a Campaign Card but is tailored for that particular character.

Take One for the Team: A player can play one of the fastplay characters but gain experience points for one of his or her own characters. This swapping can only be done with the cleric, fighter, rogue, or wizard fastplay characters, and only if no PC at the session has a character with any class levels of the fastplay character's class.

Level Kick: It's never too late to join Legacy of the Green Regent. As the campaign moves forward, so does the level of play. At the launch of the campaign, you start play with a 1st-level character. Down the line, the campaign features level kicks that increase the starting level of the campaign. Existing characters that have not yet reached the new starting level are advanced to the new campaign level. At each kick, new fastplay characters are introduced and the campaign standards are updated to reflect the changes. The level kick at Winter Fantasy 2005 bumps the campaign up to 10th level with 30,000 gp base value. Level kicks ensure that game sessions are well balanced at events and that every player can keep pace with the campaign.

Shield Dwarf Fighter
10th Level

Half-Orc Monk
10th Level

Lightfoot Halfling Cleric
10th Level

Moon Elf Ranger
10th Level

Human Rogue
10th Level

Human Wizard
10th Level

Human Barbarian
10th Level

Half-Elf Bard
10th Level

Gnome Paladin
10th Level

Half-Elf Druid
10th Level

Moon Elf Sorcerer
10th Level

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