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Favorite Expansion Class

RPGA Top-Pick Poll

D&D Rewards Campaign Cards open up new options and play opportunities from a broad range of sources. The expansion cards allow you an even greater choice of character classes and prestige classes. With the level kick at Gen Con Indy 2004, many of these prestige classes become accessible to character for the first time.

We asked you tell tell us which expansion class or prestige class was your favorite. We've tabulated the results and here are the results. Thanks to everyone who participated in our expansion class poll.

Class # Replies % of Total
Exotic Weapon Master (prestige class) 79 13.79%
Hexblade 51 8.90%
Swashbuckler 48 8.38%
Bladesinger (prestige class) 42 7.33%
Warmage 42 7.33%
Spellsword (prestige class) 29 5.06%
Morninglord of Lathander (prestige class) 28 4.89%
Incantatrix (prestige class) 25 4.36%
Cavalier (prestige class) 23 4.01%
Warshaper (prestige class) 23 4.01%
Tactical Soldier (prestige class) 22 3.84%
Monk of the Long Death (prestige class) 21 3.66%
Hunter of the Dead (prestige class) 19 3.32%
Marshal 15 2.62%
Knight Protector (prestige class) 13 2.27%
Forest Master (prestige class) 11 1.92%
Windwalker (prestige class) 11 1.92%
Darkwood Stalker (prestige class) 10 1.75%
Doomguide (prestige class) 10 1.75%
Havoc Mage (prestige class) 9 1.57%
Justicar (prestige class) 9 1.57%
Spellsinger (prestige class) 9 1.57%
Dweomerkeeper (prestige class) 8 1.40%
Dark Hunter (prestige class) 5 0.87%
Wild Scout (prestige class) 4 0.70%
Justicar of Tyr (prestige class) 3 0.52.%
Silverstar (prestige class) 3 0.52%
Mystic Wanderer (prestige class) 1 0.17%
A soldier's life's for you.
Benefit: you are or have been a member of a guard or an army. as such you have received training beyond that of many warriors. You are also familiar with the methods of soldiers. Gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks when dealing with a member of a guard or an army.
Path of the Soldier unlocks the following rules items:
Classes (All[MH])--Marshal and warmage.
Prestige Classes--Cavalier[CW], exotic weapon master[CW], havoc mage[MH], tactical soldier[MH], knight protector[CW].
Feats--Battlefield Inspiration[MH], Daunting Presence[MH], Greater Powerful Charge[MH], Power Critical[CW], Powerful Charge[MH], Spinning Halberd[CW].
You walk a little between darkness and light.
Requirements: Any nongood.
Benefit: Though you may try to shake the metaphoric dark cloud that follows you, you cannot. You may worship the deities Shar or Mask, though you may not be of evil alignment, and thus you may not take levels of cleric worshiping those deities. You may not worship either Shar or Mask if you are already a Scion of the green Regent. You suffer a -2 penalty on Diplomacy checks when dealing with lawful good creatures.
This card unlocks the following rules items:
Prestige Classes--Darkhunter[CW], darkwood stalker[CW], hunter of the dead[CW], monk of the long death[PF], warshaper[CW].
Feats--Arterial Strike[CW], Deft Opportunist[MH], Flick of the Wrist[CW], Mage Slayer[MH].
Poisons (prices are campaign cost per dose)--Arsenic (600 gp), black adder venom (600 gp), small centipede poison (450 gp), bloodroot (500 gp), and greenblood oil (500 gp).
You are a member of the Red Fellowship.
Benefits: The Red Fellowship is an organization sworn to defend Loudwater and its environs as a matter of honor and duty. The Red Boar Trading Coster bankrolls the Red Fellowship. You gain a 50-gp bonus to your equipment value (EV). If you are already an Agent of the Red Fellowship, the two bonuses stack, so you gain a 100-gp bonus to your EV, and now hold the title of Knight of the Red Fellowship.
This card unlocks the following rules items:
Prestige Classes--Justiciar[CW], justicar or Tyr[PF], morninglord of Lathander[PF], spellsword[CW].
Feats--Arcane Strike[CW], Double Hit[MH], Eyes in the Back of Your Head[CW], Sidestep[MH].
Magic Items--Amulet of prevailing fortune[MH], bracers of quick strike[MH], magic sleeping bag[MH].
You are strong of Spirit and that strength aids you in all your endeavors.
Benefit: Best described as a "sensitive" person, you are in touch with the world beyond. Spend this card once an adventure round to gain the ability to turn undead once. If you already have the ability to turn undead, you can spend this card to do so an extra time at your normal power. If you don't have the ability to do so, you turn undead as a 1st-level cleric.
The Path of Spirit unlocks the following rules Items;
Classes (All[CD]): Favored Soul, Spirit Shaman
Prestige Classes: Contemplative[CD], Diving Oracle[CD], Geomancer[CD], Knight of the Chalice [CW], Nature's Warrior[CW], Sacred Exorcist[CD], Tattooed Monk[CW].
Feats: Augmented Healing[CD], Disciple of the Sun[CD], Divine Shield[CW], Divine Vigor[CW], Glorious Weapon[CD], Practiced Spell caster[CD].
You are one of those who harp.
Prerequisites: Must have Harper Friend card in your Campaign Card stack.
Benefit: You are an agent of the semisecret organization known as the Harpers. As a member of that organization you are dedicated to battling evil, discovering and preserving lost lore, and maintaining the balance between civilization and nature. You either work alone or in a small group to further these goals. Harper Agent unlocks the following rules items:
Prestige Classes (All [PF]): Harper agent, Harper paragon
Feats (All [ED]): Sacred Vow, Vow of Obedience
Spells: amplify[MF], claws of the beast[PF], dirge[MF], easy climb[MF], herald's call[MF], haunting tune[MF], nightmare lullaby[MF], songbird[MF], speechlink[MF], superior darkvision[UE], warcry[MF].
Magic Items (All[MF]):Harper pin, lesser and greater.

[MH] = Miniatures Handbook

[CW] = Complete Warrior

[PF] = Player's Guide to Faerûn

[CD] = Complete Divine

[ED] = Book of Exalted Deeds

[MF] = Magic of Faerûn

[UE] = Unapproachable East

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