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Otar Takes a Hike
Green Regent: Campaign News
The Legacy of the Green Regent website is joining the orcs of the High Forest and migrating en masse to a new home. Starting Monday, May 2, Green Regent becomes a fixture of the Forgotten Realms website.
"Extermination" Plot Recap
Legacy of the Green Regent
It's been a long journey from Shieldmeet when Otar became Mielikki's chosen. Relive your past glories as we race toward the campaigns conclusion with plot summaries of retired adventures.
Level Kick: Take Ten
Legacy of the Green Regent
Legacy of the Green Regent celebrates its first birthday at Winter Fantasy, and it's time to level up. The late January level kick bumps the campaign to 10th level with a 30,000 gp base. New fastplay characters are available and the new campaign standards are soon to follow.
Campaign Standards v.3.0
Legacy of the Green Regent
Concurrent with the kick to 7th level, the updated Legacy of the Green Regent Campaign Standards are now available. Further your adventures with this document from the Downloads section of the Green Regent website.
Level up to 7th!
Legacy of the Green Regent
More feats, improved skills, better attributes, and lots more gold - sounds like another level kick. At Gen Con Indy 2004, the campaign ramps up the danger-o-meter taking players and charaters to 7th level.
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04/27 Otar Takes a Hike
03/17 "Extermination" Plot Recap
01/28 Fastplay Characters
08/19 Downloads
08/13 Level up to 7th!
07/26 Favorite Expansion Class
07/02 Campaign Cards Set 5

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