Living Greyhawk Campaign11/27/2007

Campaign Cards Set 2
Summer 2007

New Campaign Cards designed specifically for the Living Greyhawk campaign were released this summer. The five cards in set two shipped out as part of the 2007 D&D Rewards summer mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Sojourner from the Mist Kingdom Set 2 Card 1: Creation
Sojourner from the Mist Kingdom Campaign Card.

“We suffer and yet prevail”
- Thurirl, High Priest of the Sacred Mine, Keeper of the Dragonwrought Eggs

The Mist Kingdom is named for the persistent fog in which its seven islands are shrouded. The islands lie in the Volhoun Ocean (Pearl Sea), south of the Amedio Jungle. The Mist Kingdom is home to draconic lords – at least one dragon lives on each island. The dragons coexist peacefully with one another and with the beastfolk and kobolds that share their island homes and serve them.

Benefit: This card unlocks the kobold race from Races of the Dragon. While you look slightly different than a normal kobold (metallic or mist grey scales and eyes) you must be cautious, as kobolds are killed on sight in many places. You derive your heritage from a non-evil dragon. If you worship a deity, you must worship Aasterinian, Bahamut, Chronepsis, or Io. This card also unlocks the following rules items from Races of the Dragon:

Rites: Draconic Rite of Passage

Feats: Accelerate Metamagic, Dragon Tail, Dragon Wings, Dragonwrought, Extraordinary Trapsmith, Improved Dragon Wings, Kobold Endurance, Kobold Foe Strike, Practical Metamagic

Racial Substitution Levels: Dragonblood cleric, dragonblood sorcerer, kobold fighter, kobold ranger, kobold rogue

Prestige Classes: Disciple of the eye, dracolexi, singer of concordance

Fatal Strike Set 2 Card 2: General
Fatal Strike Campaign Card.

“To give of yourself for your cause is a great deed. To give your own life for your people is the greatest deed.”
- Baland Urten, warpriest of Gendwar Argrim

Benefit: You may spend this card to automatically confirm a critical threat. You must spend this card before rolling to confirm the threat. If you do so, you immediately take Constitution damage equal to the weapon’s critical multiplier (for example, 2 points of Constitution damage for a dagger or 4 points of Constitution damage for a scythe).

Let's Try That Again Set 2 Card 3: General
 Campaign Card.

“I’ll try anything. The Laughing Rogue ensures I don’t fail.”
- Korin Vanderbrace, whereabouts unknown

Benefit: You can spend this card once per adventure to reroll a single skill check that you have just failed. Use the second roll for the check’s result even if the result is less desirable. Both rolls are considered the same check, so you gain all bonuses (even those granted from other Campaign Cards) on the second roll that you had with the first roll.

Rapid Preparation Set 2 Card 4: General
Rapid Preparation Campaign Card.

“By the Uncaring One! That is the third time this week that I have the wrong energy spells available”
- Some unknown mage seconds before being burned to cinders

Benefit: You can fill one spell slot you have left empty during spell preparation with a spell you could normally prepare as a full round action instead of the usual 15 minutes. It otherwise follows the normal rules for preparing spells in open slots as described in the Player’s Handbook.

Jet Alleycat Set 2 Card 5: Item
Jet Alleycat Campaign Card.

“I know for sure that I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my trusty friend who alerted me to those dastardly ogres.”
- Larst Farisnt, swashbuckling scout

This tiny black figurine is shaped in the form of a watchful cat. Two dark red rubies form its glittering eyes. Rumors of its mysterious origins still echo through the streets of Greyhawk City, but its usefulness is undeniable. Many adventurers covet this figurine, for it is a faithful companion to have when going to sleep at night.

Benefit: When placing the figurine on the ground and uttering the word ‘dispara’ a slender black cat appears (use the cat statistics in the Monster Manual, page 270). It can be used once per week for 8 hours. If the cat is ever slain, it goes back into the figurine form and cannot be used for one week. The jet alleycat will not attack under any circumstances and only runs away to hide. If it senses or sees an intruder it will rouse its master awake by caterwauling (DC 10 Listen check to awaken anyone within 60 feet of the cat). You can only have one jet alleycat in your adventuring party and in your stack at a time. The jet alleycat otherwise functions like other figurines of wondrous power (see the Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 256).

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