Campaign Cards Set 3
Fall 2007

New Campaign Cards designed specifically for the Living Greyhawk campaign were released this fall. The five cards in set three shipped out as part of the 2007 D&D Rewards fall mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Unsavory Contacts Set 3 Card 1: General
Unsavory Contacts Campaign Card.

“Let’s just say I know a guy that knows a guy.”
- Cassil Har, Greyhawk City information broker

Benefit: You may spend this card to gain one of the following benefits while in a city. All documents mentioned are forged (DC 25 Forgery to detect). You may only possess one of these cards in your stack.

  • One dose of purple worm poison (DMG 296) that cannot be sold and disappears at the end of this adventure
  • One “pass” or skeleton key gaining you access to one area that the adventure intends to be accessible
  • One “permit” to carry one illegal weapon within the city
  • One “permit” allowing one illegal animal companion within the city
  • One “permit” allowing the passage of a `hostile' humanoid
Focused Attack Set 3 Card 2: General
Focused Attack Campaign Card.

Benefit: You may spend this card to gain a +3 morale bonus to a single attack roll.

Lucky Slip Set 3 Card 3: General
Lucky Slip Campaign Card.

“Hah! It looks like the ‘bargefolk’ have more than a few surprises for you!”
- János Mézáros, Rhennee bargemaster

Benefit: You may spend this card to automatically succeed on a grapple check to resist or escape a grapple or break a pin.

One More Time Set 3 Card 4: General
One More Time Campaign Card.

“Give me five minutes and another ale and I’ll be ready to get back on stage.”
- Bilsby Songweaver, Ratikan bard

Benefit: You may spend this card to gain one extra daily use of one of the following abilities: turn or rebuke undead, rage, bardic music, stunning fist, wild shape, smite evil, hexblade’s curse, knight’s challenge, cleanse (paralysis, disease, fear, poison, blindness, spirit, or petrification), new limb, or grant move action.

Orbital Spellstone Set 3 Card 5: Item
Orbital Spellstone Campaign Card.

“They’re not ioun stones, but they are the next best thing”
- Lacitus the Dark, necromancer sage

Orbital spellstones are pale-colored rocks that operate like ioun stones. While circling the user’s head, they emit a glowing trail of energy. The origin of spellstones is unknown, but they seem to be receptive to magic.

Benefit: Each orbital spellstone stores a small bit of a spell’s energy to be used later. Whenever a personal or touch spell with a duration expressed in rounds or minutes per level is cast on the user, the orbital spellstone user can choose to store a small bit of that spell’s energy in the stone. As an immediate action, the spellstone user can release the stone’s energy on himself, receiving the benefits of the spell stored for one round. The spell’s caster level is the minimum level necessary to cast the spell. The stone then turns black and becomes inactive for 24 hours.

One orbital spellstone can store the energy of a 1st-level spell. Two stones can store either one 2nd-level spell between both of them, or two 1st-level spells separately. Three stones can store up to one 3rd level spell between all of them, or a combination adding up to three. Four stones can store up to one 4th-level spell in total, or a combination up to four. You can choose to release the stored energies of other stones without activating them in order to make room for another spell. You cannot possess more than 4 orbital spellstones.

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