Living Greyhawk Campaign03/29/2005

Campaign Leadership

Regional Triads

Three members from each region are chosen to oversee the campaign locally, craft the regions background and build plots for adventures based in their region. One triad serves as regions point of contact (POC). Contact information for triads is currently available from the regional websites operated by independently by each region. Links to these websites are available on the Finding Your Region page.

The Circle

Living Greyhawk's campaign directors are known as the Circle. Circle members give the campaign direction, review regional plots and adventures, fill regional triad vacancies, and adjudicate rule interpretations. Each circle member administrates a metaregion—a group of geographically and plot related regions—and is the chief point of contact for staff in their metaregion.

Metaregion I Steve Conforti
Sheldomar Valley Bissel, Geoff, Gran March, Keoland, Yeomanry, Principality of Ulek
Metaregion II Tim Sech
Tuflik, Fals, and Velverdyva Trade Route Dyvers, Ekbir, Ket, Tusmit, Veluna, Verbobonc, Zeif
Metaregion III Britt Frey
Iuz's Boarder States Bandit Kingdoms, Furyondy, Highfolk, Perrenland, Shield Lands
Metaregion IV Colleen Simpson
Nyrond and Her Environs County of Urnst, Duchy of Urnst, Nyrond, Ratik, Theocracy of the Pale
Metaregion V Pieter Sleijpen
Splintered Suns Ahlissa [Adri], Ahlissa [Naerie], Bone March [Knurl], Lordship of the Isles, Onnwal, Sea Barons, Sunndi, Dullstrand
Core Adventures Creighton Broadhurst

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