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Getting Started
Living Greyhawk Primer

The Living Greyhawk campaign depicts a magical land at the crossroads of countless possibilities where powerful creatures contest with humanity and other races, where good folk struggle against evil, and Law wrestles with Chaos.

Living Greyhawk takes place on the Flanaess, a multinational land emerging from a dark period of war. Its people face each new day with growing optimism, but evil lurks in shadowed caverns and decadent courts. The final outcome of this intrigue is ever in question, and new heroes must always rise to keep their realms from destruction.

Living campaigns differ from a regular home campaigns because they are massive shared experiences. Players create and advance their characters using a set of campaign standards so that all characters of approximately the same level are compatible. The campaign adventures are also specifically designed to challenge and reward the characters created according to these standards while maintaining balance between players. This allows you to play Living Greyhawk with your regular gaming group or take your favorite Living Greyhawk character out into the world and play with an ever changing mix of players. Anywhere in the world that Living Greyhawk is played, you'll have a game you can join.

Aside from some gaming supplies, all you need to start playing is to create a character and find a game.

Gaming Supplies

You need some standard gaming supplies to play this campaign: the D&D core rulebooks (Player's Handbook v.3.5, Dungeon Master's Guide v.3.5, Monster Manual v.3.5), a pen or pencil, gaming dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20), a miniature or token representing your character on the battle grid.

You also need some game supplies specific to the campaign. These documents are available for download form the Living Greyhawk welcome page.

  • Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (LGCS) is a comprehensive description of the campaign including details on character creation, advancing characters, creating magic items, adventure records and much more. It also includes additional rules considerations specific to the campaign.
  • The Living Greyhawk character sheet is a standardized character sheet used by everyone in the campaign.

Additional play options from the wide range of D&D rules sources are also available, but the items listed above cover the bare essentials.

Character Creation

All characters begin the campaign at first level. Be sure to consult the LGCS as each step of creation may have special considerations. Additionally, pre-made characters called fastplay characters may be available from the campaigns welcome page.

Step 1: Ability Scores
Living Greyhawk campaign uses the nonstandard point buy method for ability scores (page 169 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide v.3.5). The Living Greyhawk setting is considered a Tougher Campaign, so each character uses 28 points to buy ability scores.

Step 2: Race and Class
You may choose any race and class option described in the Player's Handbook v.3.5. Other options are available as described in the LGCS. Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings must choose form one of the approved subraces. All characters must choose a non-evil alignment and clerics must serve a specific non-evil deity. Expanded creations options are explained in the LGCS.

Step 3: Hit Points
At creation assign your character the maximum hit points for the chosen class. Apply any modifiers including Con bonus.

Step 4: Skills and Feats
Characters spend their starting skill points on skills listed in the Player's Handbook v.3.5. New characters choose their feats from the Player’s Handbook v.3.5. As always, characters must satisfy all the requirements for a feat before selecting it.

Step 5: Equipment
Characters receive maximum gold pieces for their starting class from the Player's Handbook Table 7-1. New characters purchase equipment form the trade goods, weapons (Small and Medium), armor, and goods and services sections of Chapter 7: Equipment in the Player's Handbook. Carrying capacity is used in the campaign, so track what your character is carrying and how much it weighs.

Step 6: Home Region
All characters are based in one of the nations of the Flanaess. This base is the characters region, and every region has a real world equivalent. The characters default home region is determined by where the player lives. For example, Keoland is a Greyhawk default region for people living in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. More information about the regional system is available on the Regions and Metaregions section this website.

Finding a Game

The events calendar on the main RPGA website lists games and events all over the world. Events listed on the calendar are open to the public. To view the adventure list, click an event. If Living Greyhawk appears under the rules header, you've hit gold. Email the coordinator for information then show up and play.

If you don't have an RPGA number, the game master or one of the event organizers will provide you with and RPGA membership card. Membership is free and allows you to play any RPGA event. It also allows you to register for the D&D Rewards program and earn points toward cool gaming stuff.

You can also order Living Greyhawk adventures to run at home or at game days or conventions of your own when you become and RPGA game master. The GM Program is a great way for DMs to get material to feed their hungry players while reaping some great rewards for themselves.

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