Adventure Updates11/29/2006

Regional Adventure Updates

The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional and metaregional adventue pages: The Splintered Suns, Dullstrand, Naerie, and Onnwal.

DUL6-01 A Voice in the Oerth by Andrew Lotz
The renovations of the abandoned fort Steelholme seemed well on their way, with its past of brigands, banditry, and spooks behind it. However, other unseen forces are at work unearthing strange monstrosities into the harsh light of the day. Can you determine what plagues the simple rebuilding of a coastal fort before it is too late? A two-round Dullstrand regional adventure for APLs 4-12. Part one of the two-part Rage of the Pirate King series. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that characters have played the adventure DUL4-03 Steelholme prior to participating in this adventure.

ESA6-02 Shattered by Pierre van Rooden
Once, Crystal Castle was the center for music and art, a memorial to all the great achievements of man. A masterpiece of architecture, it was one of the wonders of the Great Kingdom. Now it lays in pieces, and within its ruins only sorrow awaits. A one-round meta-regional adventure set in New Keep for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12). Part four of the Trust or Treason series. The other parts in this series are ESA3-01 Stonecunning, TSS4-01 The Verdant Trail and TSS5-01 Ten Minutes.

ESA6-03 River to the Sea of Choices by Grant Featherstone
The revenue brought in by gemstones panned from the River Thelly is vital in the maintenance of the war-damaged city walls and defences of Nulbish. The Royal Guild of Merchants need guards to protect a keelboat full of grain and gemstones destined to be sold at Kalstrand for the Windmarch fair. The Ahlissan army after all routed many bands of outlaws and humanoid tribes during the recent campaign around Wyverntor, and these are desperate for coin and food. An adventure for APLs 2-8.

ESA6-04 Gift of the Tempest by Pieter Sleijpen
Taking shelter from a storm in the village of Montesser, the PCs awake to find that more than seaweed is being washed ashore by the tide... A one-round, metaregional adventure set in Medegia (or Ratik) for characters level 1-13 (APLs 2-10). Part 1 of Terrors of the Deep. Not for those with a dislike for the ocean.

NAE6-04 A Fair Amount of Intrigue by Dan Hass
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Naerie’s liberation Prince Barzhaan has announced a Royal Fair and Tournament to be held near Naerie City. Anytime everyone ends up at the same event, something interesting is probably going to happen. A roleplaying intensive Naerie adventure for characters of level 1-13 (APL 2-10).

ONW6-01 Screams of the Damned by Stuart Kerrigan
Two wars waged in Onnwal. Not only are the shores of the Dragonshead soaked with the blood of the nations of Onnwal and Shar, but now the Flan tribes of the Headlands are at war, with a malevolent and ancient evil manipulating matters. Could this new threat be the Enemy of which Tarnedas has spoke of? Once more you shall soon hear the maddening screams within the Hills once more. An epic and dangerous two-round adventure for character levels 4-15 (APL 6-12). The sequel to ONW4-02 The Hills are Alive and previous related modules.

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