Adventure Updates12/12/2006

Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Ket, Veluna, Verbobonc, and Zeif.

KET6-07 The Good of All by Stephen Baker
The nightmares begin and do not cease – a doorway is opened, or is it being closed? What was set in motion countless centuries earlier is now about to be settled. The final adventure in the Natural Evolution series… one way or the other. A two-round adventure with an extended play option set in Ket for character levels 1 to 15 (APLs 2-16).

VEL6-07 The Ever-Turning Path by Thad Parsons
Another gala celebration at Castle Sepher? After all, the last one (VEL2-06) went so well! However, House Landis is celebrating the happiest news they've had since they built the castle four years ago, so one must forgive them for tempting history to repeat itself. A celebration of marriage for characters level 1 to 10. (APLs 2-8).

VEL6-08 Heart’s Lament by Jeff Richards and Lynn Register
Eldried Sarneth is planning to marry once again, in an effort to reestablish the shattered Sarneth line. In order to win the favor of his noble bride, she demands he must recover Heart's Lament, a long lost relic of ancient Flan worship. The elder Sarneth looks to the heroes of Veluna to aid him in his quest for the lady's hand. A Veluna regional adventure for character levels 4 to 15 (APLs 6-14). It is recommended that this adventure be played by characters sympathetic to the plight of the Velunan nobility.

VEL6-09 Whither Shandalanar by Chris Johnson
There are many questions about Shandalanar's past, but the character's decisions and actions in this adventure will determine the answer to the question of Shandalanar's future, and perhaps much more. A Veluna regional adventure for character levels 1 to 14 (APLs 2-12).

VER6-05 Reclamation by Rob Silva
A well-known merchant rumored to have shady dealings requests your assistance in the recovery of some missing goods. This is a one-round, Verbobonc regional adventure with both roleplaying and combat elements for PC levels 1-12 (APLs 2-10). Highly recommended for PCs that have played VERIntro6-02 Forest for the Trees, VER6-01 Discontent of our Winter, VER6-03 Castle Estival, VTF6-05 Autumn, and VER6-04 Sign of the Black Orchid. Also recommended, but not required, is VER6-02 Delve the Wizard’s Dungeon.
Metaorganizational Focus: Elven Clans of the Gnarley, The Battirovka Family, Verbobonc Town Project (Ketter’s Hearth, Terre Verte).

VER6-06 The Ties that Bind by Besheer Mohomad with Michael Maenza
The marriage is done and now it is time to heal the wounds. Lord and Lady Milinous have invited their subjects, renowned adventurers and loyal retainers to join them in Cienega Valley during the week-long Brewfest holidays to finally celebrate the union of two houses. This is a Verbobonc, regional adventure for character levels 1-13 (APL2-10). PCs with Infamy from House Milinous or House Asbury cannot play this adventure.
Metaorganizational Focus: Verbobonc Noble Houses (House Avgustin, House Langmuir, House Milinous, Verbobonc Town Project (Cienega Valley).

VER6-07 Ride the Merchant’s Highway by Ron Lundeen and Gregory Hanigan
Ancient magical energy slumbers in hidden points around the Viscounty, waiting to be awakened. Do you dare to brave a path none have tread for centuries? This is adventure two of five in the Skyroad Series, which should be played in order. A one-round, Verbobonc regional adventure for PC levels 1-8 (APLs 2-6).
Metaorganizational Focus: Mounted Borderers, House Galans.

ZEF6-06 Piety by R.C. Gray
Come one, come all! Glory awaits you in the Tournament of Al’Akbar! Do you dare face the same challenges faced by a god? Do you dare endure these same dangers and risk your own life for fame and fortune? Step right up, and join the competition! Follow in the High Cleric’s footsteps and perhaps you may find yourself a god amongst mortals! A one-round, regional adventure set in Zeif for characters level 1-11 (APLs 2-10).

ZEF6-07 Into the Drink by Jake Robins
A summons from the Sultan has got adventurers meeting with friends from the past for a trip to a different world. The Gulf of Ghayar has long been a landmark in Zeif, but this trip is guaranteed to put a fresh new look on it. What trouble awaits these heroes when they venture into the drink? A one-round, regional, undersea adventure set in the Gulf of Ghayar for character levels 1 to 10. (APLs 2-8); part two of the Eternally Yours arc. This adventure is geared towards members of the Royal Navy of Zeif, characters loyal to the Sultan, social-oriented characters, and characters particularly fond of all things watery.

ZEF6-08 That Look by Kent Ertman
There are dark things squirming in the rotten heart of Zeif. But to go to Dhabiya and root them out means risking more than just your life and eternal soul. A one-round, Sultanate of Zeif, regional adventure set in Dhabiya for character levels 2 to 14. (APLs 4-12). Part one in the three-year, elite story arc Slave Pits of Dhabiya.
Warning from the Triad: This is a very dark and dangerous adventure. The permanent death of your character isn't the worst thing that could happen, and this isn't just a scare tactic. Before you send your favorite character to Dhabiya, consider very carefully what you are prepared to lose, because this adventure will take it.

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