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Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Splintered Suns, Ahlissa (Naerie), Nyrond and Her Environs, Nyrond, Onnwal, Pale, Ratik, Shield Lands, Sunndi, County of Urnst, and Duch of Urnst

ESA7-01 Wooden Ships and Souls of Iron by Thomas Ian Smith
The slave trade is a heinous business, but more so when it involves captives taken in war. Slavers are taking a cargo to an unknown fate in the jungles of the Tilvanot Peninsula. Can you intercept and free the slaves? A one-round Splintered Suns metaregional adventure set in Remor Bay for characters level 1-12 (APLs 2-10). This adventure is not for those with a dislike of the ocean.

NAE6-05 Sharafon by Sampo Haarlaa and David Howard
You rarely notice them. Sometimes you see them in the streets or on the docks. Many remain in labor camp servitude. Others have made the Menowood their new home. Hepmonaland warriors rampaged through Naerie in the service of the Scarlet Brotherhood, but now they are slowly becoming part of the population. Will they always remain on the fringes of society? You will help decide. A Naerie regional adventure for character levels 1-11 (APL 2-8). This adventure will have important effects on future plotlines. Parties that share an ideological point of view are recommended for this adventure.

NMR7-01 The Village by Bryan Bagnas
Villages in civilized lands are always quaint. Though often banal to the experienced adventurer, each village has characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. This village is no exception. Unrelenting fog, mysterious deaths and voices in the darkness terrify the local inhabitants. It also has a secret to die for.
A two-round, metaregional adventure set in the Duchy of Urnst for characters level 2-16 (APLs 4-14).

NMR7-02 The Wake of the Tempest by James Dempsey
The good ship Kalandra lies wrecked, victim to the furious storm that cast it onto rocky cliffs, its cargo looted and its secrets revealed. But is that truly the case? What more is to be found in the shattered belly of the sunken ship? Visionary messages would have it that mysteries are yet to be found. A one-round Nyrond and Her Environs metaregional adventure set in Ratik for characters level 1-13 (APLs 2-10). Part 2 of Terrors of the Deep. Part 3 of the Pholtan Heresies.i> Not for those who hear, "run away," in the sea's song.

NYR7-02 Abbey of Ice by Art Severence
The Rel Mord Wizard’s Guild asks you to answer an urgent plea from the Greater Gnomish Guild of Raker Mountain Sherpas and Gamboge Forest Guides. Can the wizard’s guild rely on you to aid its allies and secure its supply of important spell components? Sojourn to the bone-chilling heights of the Rakers’ highest glaciers and beyond. A one-round regional adventure set in Nyrond for heroic characters from levels 1 to 12 (APLs 2-10). This adventure is a sequel to NYR6-02 A Trip to the Glacier.

ONW7-01 Orphans of the Storm by Luke Pitcher
A minor mission for House Coriell takes you to the Headlands. What you find there points elsewhere, though — not every story that began in the days of the Rebellion knows that the time has come to make an ending. A one-round Onnwal regional for characters level 4-14 (APLs 6-12).

ONW7-02 Scars of War by Mark Stubbs
The War of Liberation may be over, but the long years of conflict have left their scars, both on the landscape, in the shape of the terrible shell of burned Scant, and on the shattered lives of the people. Will you enter the former in an attempt to salve the latter? And if you do, will you survive the fell power that still dwells in Scant, wielding an artefact from Onnwal's past? An adventure for characters level 1 – 10 (APLs 2-8).

PAL7-01 Orderly Encounters by Ron Levy
A two-pathway adventure catering to those for or against the Pale, continuing the story of PAL6-02 Tiger Tiger! Recommended for those who enjoy the dangers of either the high road or the low road. A one-round regional adventure set in the Theocracy of the Pale for characters levels 2-14 (APLs 4-12)

RTK7-03 Strange Days in the Timberway by Greg Jones and Frank Mikes
The Timberway keeps its secrets well but now those secrets are starting to emerge. Strange and bizarre creatures are coming out of the Timberway and people are beginning to notice. Why is this happening and what is behind it? Some important figures want you to find out. A one-round regional adventure set in Ratik for characters level 1-11 (APLs 2-8). Part 1 of the Heart of the Timberway.

SHL6-01 Blood and Rain by Jeffery A. Dobberpuhl
For five long years, the Shield Lands bought every inch of land reclaimed from Iuz in blood. The price was worth it. The men and women of the Shield Lands are now free from the plague and have hope. But now, new evils surface requiring new heroes… Beginning a story arc spanning three years, this adventure begins the tale of betrayal amidst the pain of blood and rain’s bittersweet tears. For adventuring parties levels 2-10.

SHL6-02 Knightly Distractions by Christopher J. Banks
Gensal has been reduced to rubble. Only the brave sacrifices of Shield Lands men and women prevented its ultimate destruction. During the horrific attack, good Shield Landers were lost. In the aftermath, a contingent of Knights of Holy Shielding went to Gensal to recover prisoners of war. Many never returned, and those that did refused to speak of what they found. Now their story can now be told. An unfolding adventure for audacious adventuring parties APLs 2 through 10.

SHL6-03 Ghosts of Admundfort by Eric Anondson
Admundfort has been recently liberated. Word has spread back to the rest of the Reclaimed Holy Realm of the Shield Lands of the horrors and depredations of the occupying Iuzians, reopening sore wounds for some who had given up hope of returning to the old capital of the realm. After hearing that the city has been opened to travel, the PCs travel there with hopes of uncovering treasure left behind by the former occupying forces of Iuz, and maybe witness for themselves a ghost town within city walls. PCs who have played SHL5-05 The Man from D.Y.V.E.R.S. might find special roleplaying outcomes. It is not necessary to have played it for XP, treasure, or primary story outcome. An adventure for APLs 2–12.

SHL6-04 Cricket on the Hearth by John M. Twernbold
The disappearance of a plucky halfling is a troubling event, but is it a reflection of dangerous times, or a symptom of something far more sinister? A Shield Lands regional adventure for APLs 2 to 12.

SHL6-05 A Very Bad Day by Christopher J. Banks
A stormy day, a bad lunch, and a man in need, all lead to a disappointing afternoon. But when the giants started showing up, well, you just knew it was going to get worse. Can the PCs help a noble family restore its dignity, or will it end up simply a very bad day? A Shield Lands regional adventure for intrepid heroes APL 2 to 10.

SHL6-06 Iuz Strikes Back by Joshua B. Grace
A hidden village on the cusp of war finds itself in need of heroes. The evil armies of Iuz have launched new strikes against the Shield Lands. Some of the Greycloaks’ elite scouts have gone missing and are presumed dead. While the Standing Army must reinforce its defenses around Gensal, it falls to a handful of adventurers, either exceedingly brave or foolish, to undertake a vital intelligence-gathering mission. They must travel far beyond the relative safety of the Shield Lands new borders, along a path cloaked by the shadow of death. Will the adventurers succeed and be hailed as heroes? Or will they find themselves trapped in battle, desperately seeking any means of escape, and finding none? A one-round Shield Lands adventure for battle-hardened characters unafraid to die for the Reclamation. This adventure contains some untiered encounters and supports characters of levels 1 to 14 (APL 2 to 12).

SHL6-08 Shadows of Memory by Rob Vaughn
While the Council of Lords makes a decision that will change the Shield Lands forever, the PCs are given a simple duty to keep them out of the way. What could be easier than training the farmfolk and craftspeople of Southkeep to use their spears? Yet something neither living nor dead, but somewhere between, lurks in the darkness beneath the soil, and it does not rest easy. In this case, shadow may provide illumination. An adventure for characters levels 1-13 (APLs 2-12).

SND6-03 Collateral by Pierre van Rooden
A monster prowls the Vast Swamp, threatening the community of Eyedrinn and frustrating their promises of much needed support in the war. Since they seem unable to deal with it, it is up to you to help the Hextorites with their problem…whether they like it or not.
A one-round Sunndi regional adventure for characters level 3-11 (APLs 4-10).

URC7-03 The County Strikes Back by Philipe JP Chapleau with Theo Judd
Forces in the County of Urnst plan to use the current state of unrest in the Bandit Kingdoms to strika a blow against the Mad Lich Malachite. Choices have power; weigh you decisions carefully. Having played URC6-So2 Fetch will enhance this adventure, but it is not required. A one-round County of Urnst regional adventure set in the Bandit Kingdoms for characters levels 2-15 (APLs 4-12).

URC7-04 Lord of the Castle by Nicole Johnson
Adventure calls you to a school teacher in Count's Markham. She asks of you a task that should have been done years ago, regarding the Keep of Stars along the Aerdy Road. But questions remain, why ow, why you, and who is the Lord of the Castle? A one-round County of Urnst regional adventure set in the Archbarony of Markham for characters level 2-15 (APLs 4-12). Centaurs are not recommended for this adventure.

URD7-02 Soul of the Sun by Denise Maudlin
Why are the Celadon elves seeking guards? Both the Strong Hart and White Hart factions are investigating to see what new machinations are afoot. Secret meetings, deadly games, and desperate intrigue all battle to see who will win the Soul of the Sun. A one-round regional adventure set in the Duchy of Urnst for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12).

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