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Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Dyvers, Ket, Nyrond and Her Environs, Theocracy of the Pale, Tuf-Fals-Vel Trade Route, Tusmit, Veluna, and Verbobonc

DYV7-02 Chain of Lies by Michael Born
In response to a growing demand for fighters in the Circle of Crimson Stone, there has been an alarming increase in the number of indentured servants being thrust into the fighting ring. Some believe that not all these indentured servants were legally obtained. You have been asked to conduct an undercover investigation. A one-round Dyvers regional adventure for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12). This adventure is not recommended for PCs that rely heavily on magical or other material items.

KET7-01 Balance of Secrets by Penn Davies and Alan Brown
Gainful employment, simple task, reasonable compensation. It all sounds pretty standard for your average band of brave adventurers. But balance counts for everything this time. And do the pink chickens really know what’s going on? A one-round regional adventure set in Ket for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12), particularly suitable for members of the Seekers of the Perfect Forms, the Shadows of Xan Yae, and the Stouthearts. Part one of the Seeking Balance series.

KET7-03 Balance of Harmony by Alan Brown and Penn Davies
Vultures circle a village common, as death plunges a black knife into the heart of Ket. Something is upsetting the balance of Ket’s society—but what? Or who? A one-round regional adventure set in Ket for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12), particularly suitable for members of the Brotherhood of Sorcery, the Wanderers of Fharlanghn, and the Xanavade. Part two of the Seeking Balance series. Players are strongly advised that for maximum enjoyment of this series of adventures, KET7-01 Balance of Secrets should be played first.

KET7-04 5th Name by Andrew Jaremkow
The buried shall rise, and the hidden shall wake, while the foolish man dies, and the learned man quakes. The fire in the skies shall lay waste to the land, should the delvers in dreams fail to make their last stand. A one-round regional adventure set in Ket for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12). This adventure concludes the series begun with KET4-05 The Oracle and KET5-06 Lesser Children.

NMR7-03 Draconic Dreams by Jean-Philipe 'JP' Chapleau
A letter, a dream, and the promise of a journey: this is how you got involved on a rather unique voyage on the Nyr Dyv. An old worshipper of the Sea Dragon's dream of his youth may get you involved in more than a simple boat trip. This adventure is not for Asherati characters. A one-round metaregional adventure mostly set in the County of Urnst for characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-14). This adventure may run long, especially at higher APLs. Players and DMs are encouraged to be well prepared when running and playing this adventure.

PAL7-02 Reed Carefully by Mark Quinto
Trolls? Of course. Hydras? Fairly common. Even the occasional giant crocodile is nothing to panic about in The Fens. However, when a pack of grimlocks, a pair of walking mushrooms and a blind lizard-like beast are spotted this far away from their subterranean homes, it's time to find out what's going on. A one-round regional adventure set in the Theocracy of the Pale for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8)

TUS7-01 The Seven League Stride by Jean Guérette
It’s the third day of Fireseek, or winter as they call it. Tusmit seems asleep while most of the traders enjoy the comfort their business gave them during the warm season. The northern Sheikdoms are still recovering from the political struggles of last year’s failed rebellion and there is little financial benefit to do with them. Yet, where others would see a bad time for trade some see opportunity. This adventure is intended as a display of the Tusmit region and is focused on the northern, working class Sheikdoms. A one-round regional adventure set in Tusmit for characters of any type level 1-11 (APLs 2-8).

VEL7-02 Idle Hands by David Kerscher
Helping a lady in distress. Escorting travelers. Delivering a package. All parts of many adventures, but can they be an adventure unto themselves? Either a very simple or a very complex one-round regional adventure set in the Archclericy of Veluna for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8). Parties that include PCs subject to "Enmity of the Nobility" (from VEL6-08) will not be able to experience this entire adventure.

VEL7-03 Unlamented by Tom McGrath
A research expedition to the temple where “Heart’s Lament” was rediscovered has gone missing. The Museum of Mitrik, the College of the Arcane, and House Mori are looking for a few heroic and knowledgeable adventures who are large of heart (but not of size) to find the expedition members and see if there is more to this seemingly simple shrine. A Veluna regional adventure for character levels 4 to 15 (APL 6-12). This is a loose sequel to VEL6-08 Heart’s Lament that is not terribly centaur-friendly. Players that have not played VEL6-08 should not play this adventure as spoilers are inevitable.

VER7-03 Mourning Glory by Rob Silva and Michael Maenza
The disappearance of a Mounted Borderer detachment in the Iron Wood has raised concerns that something is afoot in the town of Glory. You’ve been asked to take a discrete look around and see what you can find out. A one-round Verbobonc regional adventure for PCs level 1-11 (APLs 2-8). It is strongly recommended that PCs have played VER7-01 Cleanse Thy House and VER7-02 Storm the Dragon’s Bastion prior to this adventure.
Metaorganizational Focus: Church of Saint Cuthbert, Mounted Borderers, Protectors of the Iron Wood, Verbobonc Town Project (Validia), Wanderers of Coldeven

VTF7-01 Glass Beads by Steven Baker
A court case draws the attention of some powerful figures. The Mouqollad Consortium chooses to intervene and attempts to change the outcome…maybe they will succeed. A one-round VTF metaregional adventure set in and around Polvar in Ket for characters level 4-15 (APL 6-14). Those characters with soul-bound items and anything they cannot part with may find themselves at a disadvantage in finishing the adventure. Part one of the Audience series

VTF7-02 Ascent by Gael Richard
Kalat-Kara. The Black Fortress. Rising between the Udgru and the Yatils, it is the Caliphate of Ekbir’s advance outpost in a desolate parcel of land. Threatened by hordes of bandits, outcasts and heretics serving the Black Knight of the Udgru and the frost giants of the Yatils, whispers talk about an unholy alliance between the two factions—this might be the death knell of civilization in the region. But maybe you came here looking for the mythical immortal whose lips were said to have kissed Al’Akbar himself? Could he show you the way to the Holy Relics, the Cup and Talisman of Al’Akbar?
Between a mystical quest and epic deeds, a winter ascent of the Yatils lies before you! Prepare for a trip to a frozen realm of snow and ice, between heaven and Oerth! You were warned, it will be cold, very cold… the fifth installment of the Faith and Truth series. A one-round metaregional adventure set in Ekbir for characters level 2-15 (APLs 4-14). Those with creatures of Large size or greater may find themselves unable to bring them on this adventure, including centaur PCs.

VTF7-03 In the Arms of Angels by Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau
I am Karam Fateil, Archmage and head diviner of the Sefmur College of the Arts. Your names have been whispered in the stars and the many divinations I have performed. It is as clear as the night stars, I see it now. And it was in our faces all along. Meet me at the Sefmur College of the Arts at your convenience. But please, do not tarry... Be prepared to make a long trek into the wilds. Have all the equipment you need on-hand. Remain silent and do not discuss the contents of this letter or mention our meeting to anyone. My life and yours are forfeit if word spreads. Their spies are everywhere. An adventure for characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-14) Part six of the Faith and Truth series. Having played the previous chapters in the series is highly recommended.

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