Adventure Updates06/28/2007

Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Dyvers, Ekbir, Nyrond, Ratik, Tusmit, and Zeif.

DYV7-04 Throw Open the Gates of Heaven by Joseph L. Selby
Asyth Zomawyn has returned to Dyvers claiming that he has discovered the cure to his father's ailment. The ritual is complex in both composition and application. While he begins the ceremony, he asks that capable adventurers travel to the war-ravaged southern Gnarley and retrieve a component to his spell. A continuation of DYV6-06 Walpurgis: The Dark Night and a prelude to DYVINT7-02 In Defense of Tricaster. A Dyvers regional adventure set in the village of Tricaster, and a stage in the Gnarley Threat for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12)

EKB7-01 Les Profundes by David Martinez
Un marchand du Mouqollad souhaite embaucher des aventuriers pour renforcer la sécurité d’un chargement jusqu’au village minier de Rocfaille situé sur les contreforts des monts Yatils réputés dangereux. Mais c’est peut être dans les profondeurs même de la montagne que rode le véritable danger. Une aventure régionale Ekbir en un round pour personnages de niveau 1 à 14 (APL 2-12). Cette aventure comporte une extension optionnelle (Extended Play Option). Troisième aventure du cycle des Familles marchandes.

NYR7-04 On the Take by Joshua Freeman and Thomas Timmons
Influence is never cheap t buy, but in a prot city like Hammensend it may be cheaper than you think. At least it seems to be now that a new thieves' guild has formed in the Lower District. And what about the recent sightings of the mysterious Rhennee barge folk? What part do they play in all of this? Just remember that when you are talking to city dwellers as you can never be sure if they are on the take. This is an investigative one-round Kingdom of Nyrond module set in the river port city of Hammensend for characters level 1-9 (APLs 2-6). Part two of the Hammensend series. Part one was NYR6-S02 Demons are Upon Us. It is not necessary to have played that adventure, but characters that have done so may enjoy this adventure the most.

RTK7-05 Warrior's Moon by Brendan Robertson
When you are asked to acquire antiquities, most adventurers fall into the "smash and grab" variety. If the antiquities are the mortal remains of a hero of the realm, finesse may be a better option. An investigative adventure seeking to unlock the riddles of history during Richfest 597 CY. A one-round regional adventure set in Ratik for characters level 4-11 (APLs 4-12).

TUS7-02 Bringing the Rain… by Mike Rosenberg
Memories of the past and a terrible darkness threaten a group of Tusmit’s forgotten citizens. Can a small treasure of the present be saved from the evils of the past for the coming future? A one-round regional adventure set in Tusmit for a well-balanced party of characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12).

ZEF7-02 Tide of Battle by Ian Seale
A desperate call for aid has been sent out from the Merfolk al-Ghayar. Their plea has not fallen upon deaf ears. Sultan Murad, the Proud, has decreed that the enemy of the Ghayar Merfolk shall be driven from the Dramidj. Part three of the Eternally Yours story arc. Metaorganizations: Church of Geshtai, Order of Kwalish and Royal Navy of Zeif. A one-round Zeif regional adventure for PCs level 1-12 (APLs 2-10).

ZEF7-04 You Break It, You’ve Bought It by Brett Beattie
The Suel-operated Western Flanaess Trading Company has begun to develop a foothold in the heart of Baklunish territory. Can such ancient enemies learn to get along for the sake of trade, or are they destined to repeat the Twin Cataclysms in miniature every time they cross paths? A one-round regional adventure set in the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 1-12 (APLs 2-10).

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