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Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Dyvers, Ket, Tuf-Fals-Vel Trade Route, Tusmit, Verbobonc, and Zeif.

DYV7-03 Dyvisions by Andy McCullough
Trade through the Gnarley Forest has been reduced to a trickle, the Nyr Dyv poses a mysterious threat to the shipping lanes, and a rogue element rises in the west, surging in strength under the cry, “Achos 'r chrau chan Beryn."A request for aid comes from three directions: one unknown, one unlikely, and the other unwanted. Can the adventurers end the divisions, or will more Divisions be required to end the unrest in the west? A one-round Dyvers regional adventure set in the Westlands for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12). Part three of The Machinations Saga

DYV7-05 The Angry Wood by Eric Price
The forces of Blackthorn move to the west, threatening to cut Dyvers off from its allies, and calls for assistance go out. A one-round Dyvers regional adventure set in the Free Lands of Dyvers, in the hamlet of Jonas’ Landing, for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12). A stage of the Gnarley Threat.

DYV7-06 Siggoran’s Gambit by Sean Kliethermes
Over the last few years, waves of misfortune have befallen the heads of House Siggoran - assassinations, a baffling illness and now embezzlement and outright thievery. But the current Lady Siggoran has had enough, and she’s looking for some skilled adventurers who can help her even the score. A one-round Dyvers regional adventure set in the Free Lands of Dyvers in the City of Dyvers, on the Nyr Dyv, for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12). Recommended for PCs who don’t mind skirting the edges of the law.

KET7-05 Like Bees to Honey by Steve Baker
What is the word of a convicted smuggler worth? The Black Scorpions seem to think you should find out. Sweet! A one-round regional adventure set in Ket for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12), particularly suitable for members of the Clergy of Istus, Heroes of Azor’Alq and Beygraf’s Pride. A continuation of what began in KET6-05 Honest Work.

VTF7-04 Mint Collections by Lynn Register
Gold, Silver, Mithral, the bounty of the earth; however, when dwarven miners go missing while repairing an earthquake damaged mine, the Rockhammer dwarves and the Church of Rao seek outside help to investigate their disappearance. Do you have the wherewithal to delve the dark and save the mine, the mint and the dwarves that are its caretakers? A two-round, underground adventure for heroic adventurers that starts in Veluna. Spoilers are possible for VEL7-01 Beneath the Rock. For characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-14). Special thanks to Brian Gilkison, Dave Kerscher, and Melanie Register.

VTF7-05 Underhandedness by Kevin Elmore
As the forces of the Pomarj pour out of Blackthorn, laying waste to all they find in the Gnarley Forest, several adventurers claim to have visions from Istus of impending doom. Orcish activities have fallen in line with the prophecy, even down to the destruction of the village of Tricaster. Some of the Gentry members are taking this vision seriously; they fear the predictions that the Free and Independent City of Dyvers will fall to the orcs within a year. Desperate times do call for drastic measures. A one-round VTF metaregional adventure set in the outskirts of the Free Lands of Dyvers, for characters level 6-15 (APLs 8-14). A continuation of the Gnarley Threat.
Note: Those who earned the Disfavor of Felbon from Dyv5-07 End of the Line are able to participate in this adventure.

TUS7-03 Faithfully Correct by A-Michel Poirier
Tensions brewing up following the end of the open rebellion in Tusmit do not stop a young paladin on a spiritual quest from wanting aid in reaching a forgotten monastery in the Yatils. Will you help him? Will you tell anyone what you’ve found? Will you be coerced in revealing a secret lost for a thousand years? An intensive roleplaying adventure set in Keruz and the Yatil Mountains for characters of level 1 to 9 (APL 2 to 8) and of special interest for members of the Tears of the Marid, Brotherhood of Basharat, Church of Azor’alq, Church of Al’Akbar (True Faith) and Rebellion metaorganizations as well as any characters involved in the Clergy of Istus.

TUS7-04 Roots of Chaos by Jean-François Bilodeau and Francis Carrier
Chaos is spreading yet again in the sheikdom of Suvii, as the people live in fear and despair in the night. The roots of mystery and Fate can sometime blossom as the flower that is a revelation, be it of hope or your worst nightmares. A one-round regional adventure set in Tusmit (sequel to TUS6-04 Arcane Fate) for characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-14).

TUS7-06 Tending the Fields by Mike Rosenberg
A slain merchant, the attempted murder of a crippled Dwarf, and rumors of a long forgotten quest fill the early morning. What else can happen before Tusmit is thrown, once again, into peril? A one-round regional adventure set in Tusmit for a well-balanced party of characters level 2-14 (APLs 4-12). This adventure is based on concepts first introduced in TUS2-07 Fallen from the Sky.

VER7-04 Hidden Within the Walls of Iron by Marlene L. Bokholdt and J. Alexander Bokholdt
While rumors of haunted halls continue, rampant mischief goes unaddressed and the orderly way of life in the Dwarven tunnels tatters away like a forgotten battle-standard. Hoping to find solutions to the growing mysteries, a private council of concerned residents in the town of Irondelve seeks to recruit trustworthy investigators to help rescue the citizens from themselves. What secrets will the intrepid adventurers find, and what could possibly lay …Hidden within Halls of Iron? A one-round Verbobonc regional adventure for characters level 2-12 (APLs 4-10).
Metaorganizational Focus: Clan Rockhall, Verbobonc Town Project [Irondelve]

VER7-05 The Lion and the Dragon by Brian Troyan and Gregg Homerding
“If the Lion and the Dragon fight, they will both die.” –Tadashi Adachi.
From Loren’s Ford, a combined army of House Avgustin, Stefania, and Chondell soldiers marches toward Validia in a united show of force against the Lord of the Iron Wood. Field Marshall Yronl has not given up on a diplomatic solution, but as the army grows closer, new developments make armed conflict seem unavoidable. Could this be the beginning of civil war in the Viscounty? A challenging Verbobonc regional adventure for APLs 2-8 (PC levels 1-11). PCs should have played VER7-03 Mourning Glory and earlier Verbobonc adventures prior to playing this adventure.
Metaorganizational Focus: Mounted Borderers, Protectors of the Iron Wood, Verbobonc Noble Houses (Avgustin, Chondell, Langmuir, Stefania) and Verbobonc Town Project (Validia)

ZEF7-03 Inner Turmoil by Jason Woodall
Are you ready to delve into the belly of the beast? The dark city of Dhabiya seeks another morsel. Many have come before you to learn her secrets, but Dhabiya does not give them up freely. Are you willing to risk everything you hold dear to learn them? A one-round regional adventure set in the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 2-15 (APLs 4-14).
Warning: This is an Elite adventure. It also runs on a time limit. PCs that cannot finish within 4 hours will be enslaved in Dhabiya.

ZEF7-05 Korsan by Belinda Hamilton, Abbey Johnston and F. Martin Knoff
The town of Korsan is a simple little village nestled in a scenic coastal area. For such a small town, it seems to attract a lot of attention. Bring your shopping bags and weapons, because where there is trade and a lot of money, opportunities for trouble are certainly not far behind. An investigative one-round regional adventure set in Zeif for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8).

ZEF7-08 Killing Time in Kurteq by David Gibson
It was meant to be a place of rest, a small town to forget about danger and adventure, perhaps even a place to call home. However, where there are adventurers, there is always trouble. A one-round regional investigative adventure set in the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8).
Killing Time in Kurteq is the third adventure in the Town Tours series. It is not required to have played other adventures in the series prior to this.

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