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DYV8-01 A Small Problem by Andrew VanHooreweghe
What a nice, quiet night. Then you hear the scream and grab your gear, because somehow you know this is going to ruin your evening. A one-round Dyvers regional adventure set in the Free Lands of Dyvers, in the City of Dyvers for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12).

DYV8-02 Broken Circle by Michael Born
A simple job escorting a merchant from Maraven to Dyvers turns into an investigation of the Circle of Crimson Stone at the highest levels. Can you find out if the Circle has finally stepped over line they have been skirting for so long and, if so, can you put a stop to it in time? A one-round Dyvers regional adventure for characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-12). This is the sequel to DYV7-02 Chain of Lies.

DYV8-03 Wake the Dead by Kevin Elmore
The ambition of Turrosh Mak is not the only evil threatening the City of Sails. Another malignant force focuses its attention on the destruction of Dyvers. An unlikely request comes from one of the more controversial figures in Dyvers; the temple of Nerull needs your help in stopping an even greater evil. Warning: This adventure contains at least one untiered encounter. A one-round Dyvers regional adventure set in the Free Lands of Dyvers, in Dyvers, for characters level 6-15 (APLs 8-14).

DYV8-04 Gleaning the Cubes by Joseph L. Selby
The armies of Blackthorn march toward the city. It is foretold that they will infiltrate Dyvers through the sewers. Only members of the constabulary and the Dyvers Vermin & Pest Contractors may lawfully enter, but gelatinous cubes, wererats, a stone golem, and a lich all call the sewers home. Things are afoot—underfoot. A Dyvers regional adventure of investigation and dungeoneering set in the City of Dyvers for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12).

DYV8-05 Dyvinity by Andy McCullough
Molaho Khem: within his burgeoning faith, there are two very different branches in Dyvers. The Followers of the Cracked Shield are devoted to protecting the city, while the Servants of Glory are devoted to destroying the city’s enemies. Each branch considers the tenets of the other to be heresy, and so it is strange to have in your hand a letter from the Emissary of Molaho Khem, the pragmatic gnome and Servant of Glory, asking you to join him in meeting Bojan Starsinger, the Hand of Molaho Khem, Defender of Tricaster and Follower of the Cracked Shield. Is the consolidation of the Molaho Khem cults at hand? Or is this a sign of something greater? Perhaps the Hero god himself has brought about the oncoming slaughter to either search for another hero that will rise in Dyvers defense, or simply to view the carnage of battle.
A one-round Dyvers regional adventure for APL’s 6-12, and the conclusion of the Machinations Saga.

DYV8-06 Plain Facts by Michael Mockus
Robert Lord Navoy leads his Free Army contingent across the Meadowlands in open war against Blackthorn. The city sits behind her walls in roiling terror. The city needs facts of what it is to face. What can you discover? A one-round Dyvers regional adventure set in the Free Lands of Dyvers for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12). The penultimate adventure of the Gnarley Threat, leading directly into DYVINT8-01 The End.

KET8-01 Visible Means by Stephen Baker
One day you are at a diplomatic ball, the next you are up to your eyeballs in toxic waste. Invading Ekbir will be a piece of cake—if you can survive the journey across Tusmit. An adventure for levels 1-15 (APL 2-12). Part two of the Road to Righteousness series. Because the plotline of this series is linear, the adventures should be played in chronological order for the best playing experience. Creatures larger than Medium may have a difficult time participating in this adventure without instant transport magic (and even that is not a guarantee). Any PC may play this adventure, even if they helped the Beygraf escape in KETIN7-03 At the Beygraf’s Pleasure. PCs who joined the quest for the Cup & Talisman in the same adventure and/or have not played any of the adventures in the Beygraf in Molvar series may be rewarded for their loyalty. Players should be aware that due to advances in the regional storyline, playing Year 7 Ket adventures after they have played this one will result in storyline discontinuity.

KET8-02 Crossing the Threshold by Lisa Liscoumb and Michael Rowsell
You know that treasure maps and the treasures they hide usually have upsides and downsides. Will the upside of this one be enough to overcome the downside? The answer may be the salvation—or destruction—of Ket. A one-round regional adventure set in Ket for characters level 2-15 (APLs 2-14). Third and final part of the Keys to the Past series, as well as part two of the Beygraf in Molvar series—adventures in this series should be played in order for the best play experience. Any PC may play this adventure, however, PCs may be rewarded for their loyalty if they have not played any of the adventures in the Road to Righteousness series. Playing Ket adventures published prior to November 2007 after playing this one will result in regional storyline discontinuity.

NMR8-02 Heresy’s Blood by David Adams
When the church of Lydia puts out a request for adventurers, there should be heroes aplenty to answer the call. After all, with the Canon Apocrypha opened and all that nasty business put behind them, there couldn't possibly be any danger involved in helping them out one last time. A one round Nyrond and Her Environs metaregional adventure for characters level 4–15 (APL 6–16). Characters with the Enmity of Hassirak the Tempter may get what is coming to them...

NYR8-01 Beneath Abyssal Seas by Art Severance
Once more, the Rel Mord Wizard’s Guild and the Abbey of the Ice seek the assistance of heroic adventurers. Will you plunge into the icy depths of the Abyss to save a soul? A one-round regional adventure set in the Kingdom of Nyrond for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12). This adventure is a sequel to NYR6-02 A Trip to the Glacier, NYR7-02 The Abbey of the Ice, and NYR7-I03 Trumpeter.

NYR8-03 Children of Malice by Bryan Bagnas
A host of strange goblins is terrorizing the local villages in what is now called Maglubiyet’s Triangle. The villagers’ moons-lit nights are filled with bloodshed and misery. Those able to flee the destruction report that the very minions of evil are upon them. The enemy is stronger, faster, and more resilient than before. Where are they coming from? Who will finally put an end to this horrible nightmare? Combined finale to the Kelwyn series (NYR6-04 Kelwyn’s Keys, NYR7-03 Requiem to Maglubiyet and NYR7-06 Forgotten Temple of Shumhanrhu) and the Swan Bore series (NYR5-S03 Swans of the Duntide, NYR5-M02 Releash the Dogs of War and NYR7-01 Faith and Convictions). A one-round regional adventure set in Kingdom of Nyrond for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12).

PAL8-01 Law and Disorder by Tom Maguire
Outside the city of Landrigard, several church militant officials have been attacked by powerful creatures of chaos. In addition, investigations into the mysterious villain trying to corrupt Palish laws have also begun to point to the Rakers. The time has come to take the fight to the forces of chaos. This is the final part of the Palish Law series (PAL7-04 Spirit of the Law and PAL7-07 Letter of the Law). A one-round regional adventure set in the Theocracy of the Pale and places beyond for characters level 3-15 (APLs 4-12).

PAL8-03 A Flan for All Treasons by Tom Maguire
The Faithful Flan and their beneficiaries have asked for your help. The situation in Atherstone is deteriorating as more and more refugees begin piling into the city hoping to find new and old lands in the recently liberated Duchy of Tenh. A Voice speaks out to the masses, demanding action. Will you help or will you silence the rabble? A Pale Civil Unrest adventure for all PCs who wish to change the direction of the Pale for characters level 2-15 (APL 4-12).

RTK7-08 Nobility at Needlepoint by Rachel Barker and Greg Jones
After bearing a marriage proposal and expensive gifts from a besotted knight to a girl at an exclusive school for Ratik's noble daughters, you are invited to stay for a small dance. A warm welcome indeed. And yet - is it just your imagination, or is it getting colder in here? If you uncover secrets, you may have to decide – which ones do you keep? A one-round regional adventure, with extended play option, set in Ratik for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-14).

RTK8-01 Sacred Ground by Greg Jones
An alliance of Pyremius worshipping orcs are mustering in the Rakers and nobody knows what they will do next. But Sir Hengon Mogotten is sending you on a strictly need-to-know mission, deep under cover into the camp of the Pyremius worshipping orcs. You’re going to have to get in, find out as much as you can, cause as much havoc as possible and get out before your time is up. There are no guarantees on this mission as Sir Hengon Mogotten is putting you directly in harm’s way for the good of the Archbarony.
A one-round Ratik regional adventure for characters level 3-15 (APLs 4-14) set in the Archbarony of Ratik. Part three of the Rakers Aflame series, this adventure leads directly into the special interactive RTK8-I01 Cleansing Fire. Players will be given an opportunity to change characters during the Introduction if they feel their character is completely unsuited to the adventure.

RTK8-02 Confrontation in the Timberway by Greg Jones and Frank Mikes
Who is responsible for what is happening in the Timberway? Strange events seem to be coming from House Keth land, can Lady Keth be ignorant of it all? Perhaps someone should find out. Intrigue, politics, a tourney and a final confrontation. A one-round regional adventure set in Ratik for characters level 3-15 (APLs 4-12).

RTK8-03 Circles by Bruce Legge
Round and round, spinning in the dark. Many little lights but none of them a spark that can light the way forward or back from whence she came. Who sets the rules and who calls this a game?
An investigative one-round regional adventure set in Ratik, primarily concerning Clan Ukaloa and Houses Abonhoth and Keth, for characters of level 1-11 (APLs 2-8).

RTK8-04 A Deeper Darkness by Geoff Kimber
The humanoids of the Bone March have taken advantage of the dispersal of the Ratikan armed forces into the Rakers to combat the menace of the Pyremius-worshipping orcs. A large force of goblinoids and gnolls from Spinecastle has been reported marching through the Kalmar Pass towards Ratik. All that stands before them are the remnants of the Ratikhill garrison and the redoubtable dwarves of Aurichold. Can you and the dwarves delay the armies of the Bone March long enough for the forces of Ratikhill to regroup to defend the Pass? The dwarves of Aurichold don’t seem too co-operative. A one-round Ratik regional adventure set in (and under) the Rakers Mountains for characters level 4-16 (APLs 6-14).

RTK8-05 The Mark of Keenan by Jon Naughton
A letter from a condemned prisoner offers you a chance to right the wrongs of the past. But with hours remaining before the execution is to take place, you may already be too late. This adventure is a DIRECT sequel to the adventure RTK7-07 Lost at Sea, and for best enjoyment Lost at Sea should be played before this adventure is played. A one-round regional adventure set in Ratik for characters level 3-13 (APLs 4-10).

TUS8-01 Reaping the Harvest by Mike Rosenberg
Can the sins of the father and the anger of the child be put aside long enough to keep the future of Tusmit safe, at least for a time? This adventure is the last part of the Undead Bride series (TUS6-06 Sowing the Seeds, TUS7-02 Bringing the Rain, TUS7-06 Tending the Fields). A two-round regional adventure set in Tusmit, for a well-balanced party of characters level 4-16 (APLs 6-14).

TUS8-02 One More for the Road by Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau
A Dwarven wedding is often the site of many things. This one will not be any different. Between a hunt for a great beast, a daring raid and kegs of ale, it really makes for a nice Dwarven wedding. One the Khund nation will not soon forget. This adventure is particularly interesting to Khund PCs and PCs with an interest in the Khund Nation. This adventure is the final part of the Khund Saga series (TUSI4-03 Miss Khundgeniality, TUS6-01 Gambling with Fate). A one-round regional adventure set in the lands of the Khund in Tusmit for characters level 6-15 (APLs 8-16).

URC8-01 Shadow of the Viper by Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau
A year has passed since a powerful thieves’ guild has lost its leader. Other factions have chipped away and taken their powerbase. Now, a new threat looms in the shadow of the Viper. Many diverse factions want to see it destroyed before it can be allowed to grow.
A one-round regional adventure set in the Archbarony of Vinewind in the County of Urnst for characters level 2-15 (APLs 2-14). This adventure has ties to the Chasing the Darkness series and is of particular interest to members of House Underley and the Underley Network. This adventure has 2 tiers.

URC8-02 Redemption by Nicole Johnson
Under Elena’s management, House Steiner has flourished and prospered. Her husband Olynn has been brought back to life, and the two should live happily ever after. But Olynn can't find peace; his mind forces him to seek out a legendary sword in order to save it from a long-standing sibling rivalry. Are you worthy of such a weapon or will you too fall victim to corruption's grasp? Good-hearted and chivalric PCs are recommended for this adventure. Heironeans may find this adventure particularly interesting. This adventure is a sequel to both URC6-07 Connections and URC7-04 Lord of the Castle. A one round County of Urnst module set in the Archbarony of Brotton for character levels 2-15 (APLs 4-16).

URC8-03 Leviathan Rising by Mike Dethlefs with JP Chapleau
The weather has forced fishermen to remain docked. Never has anyone seen so much rainfall in the Mysty Isles. The church of Xerbo has prohibited all seaborne traffic from leaving Thornbay. Everyone is waiting for this unnatural weather to stop. The return of the sun may mean more than a return to normal… The stars might be right… This water-based adventure is NOT recommended for Asherati characters. Conclusion of the Legacy of the Leviathan series. This adventure has ties to the Three is the Evilest Number series of VTF adventures (VTF3-01 through VTF5-02). A one-round regional adventure set in the Archbarony of Dyvarna in the County of Urnst for characters level 6-15 (APLs 8-16).
This adventure has an additional, optional encounter.

URC8-04 The Witches of Pikemaster by Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau
While in the Abyss hunting for the Mad Lich Malachite, Bishop Jazan of Pelor took the Black Gem of Graz’zt to obtain demonic assistance. Brought back to the County, the Gem dissolved in a puff of black smoke. More than a year later, the church of Pholtus is holding witch trials.
This adventure is all about difficult choices and has the potential of running long. A one-round regional adventure set in the Archbarony of Eastmarch in the County of Urnst for characters level 2-16 (APLs 4-16).

URC8-05 Into the Darkness by D’Anne Rooney
For the past year or two, rumors have circulated concerning the Black Man of the Swamp. Now, it has been proven that his sinister plans for the County have begun, and an all out war has been declared Those in power are not willing to wait for the Black Man to make his final move; they choose to send the fight to him. Part two of the Dusk Falls on the County series and part four of the War in the Fennelmore. This adventure is the culmination of both War in the Swamp and Dusk falls upon the County series.
It is recommended that the following scenarios be played first, URC7-05 Through the Gloaming, URC7-M05 Down on the Bayou part 1, URC7-09 Blood on the Bayou and URC7-M09 Mad Dane’s Hunt.

URC8-06 To Catch a Bird by Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau
The Bird of Radigast has made enough trouble in the County and one man has discovered her identity. He wants YOU to bring her back, dead or alive. This adventure may require difficult decisions and PCs who know where their loyalties lie.
Kobolds may prefer to avoid this adventure, and members of the Underley Network or House Underley will face character-altering decisions. Those PCs play at their own risk, you HAVE been warned. A one-round regional adventure set in the Archbarony of Dyvarna in the County of Urnst for characters level 6-15 (APLs 8-16).

URD8-02 Everybody Loves Seoman by Roy Thalman
With tensions high and temperatures low in the city of Leukish, some hot-blooded soldiers, and a mysterious woman cross paths with the PCs. A one-round regional adventure set in Duchy of Urnst for characters level 4-14 (APLs 6-12).

URD8-04 A Storm on the Horizon by Cornelius Belmont
Ellis has been silent for too long since his recent family problems. With Karll back, is house Lorinar about to bring about a civil war for dominance of the Duchy? To prevent tragedy a new house enters the playing field to keep the peace. A one-round core adventure set in Duchy of Urnst for characters level 6-15 (APLs 6-16).

VEL8-01 One Dirty Job by David Kerscher
With the recent disappearance of a local priest, the still-small populace of Whitehale is frantic with new fears and fresh rumors. Are there forces of the Heretic still about? Undead? Baby-stealing elven bandits? What new evil has descended upon ever-cursed Whitehale? A challenging one-round regional adventure set in the Archclericy of Veluna for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-14). This adventure is not very centaur-friendly, nor is it for the squeamish.

VEL8-02 Nature v Nurture by David Kerscher
Things have been pretty good for Veluna since the war ended. Sure, the flood of CY596 killed a few people, but it also cleansed the land of Herion’s taint. Sure, the Canon and Church have been a bit overzealous in protecting the country, but it’s worked, hasn’t it? Sure, the stability of Vale has been strained by evil plots and tested by threats from below, but it’s come out all the stronger, right? So why is everyone so grouchy? A challenging one-round regional adventure set in the Archclericy of Veluna for characters level 2-15 (APLs 2-14).

VEL8-03 A Day at the Museum by Brian Gilkison and Lynn Register
An adventurer recently elevated to noble rank wants to show the people of Veluna his philanthropic nature, donates to the Museum of Mitrik artifacts and money to build space to house them. Today is the grand opening and noble, clergy, commoner and adventurer alike are invited to see the fabled Rings of Austor - the phylactery of the destroyed Canon Herion himself! What could possibly go wrong? A one-round regional adventure set in the Archclericy of Veluna for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-14).

VER8-01 Mediation by Gregory Hanigan
A simple escort job takes an unexpected turn and you learn that gathering information is more than just buying a few rounds at the local tavern. A one-round Verbobonc adventure for questioning characters level 2-14 (APLs 4-12).

VER8-02 Crypt Things by Ron and Stephanie Lundeen
After a year in a magical coma, it is clear that Bishop Haufren is dying. One desperate quest into a lair of forgotten evil may be enough to save him, but the secrets unearthed there could have a life of their own. A one-round Verbobonc adventure for PCs level 2-14 (APLs 4-12).
Metaorganizational Focus: The Council of Abbots (all).

VER8-03 Darkness is Unbound by Brian Troyan
Shannus of Glory seeks adventurers willing to prove that his violent actions in the past year have been justified. Has the Great Dire Dark truly returned to the Iron Wood? And if so, who other than Shannus can contain it? A one-round Verbobonc adventure for PCs level 4-14 (APLs 6-12).
Metaorganizational Focus: Battirovka Family, Bondsmen of Estival, Company of the Black Rose, Itinerant Faith of Trithereon, Pantheon of the Old Faith, Wanderers of Coldeven.

VER8-04 Bred in the Bone by Gregory Hanigan
'What is bred in the bone will out in the flesh.' A race to save an innocent young woman from the depredations of a madman reveals a plan for revenge as old as the gods. A one-round Verbobonc adventure for PCs level 4-14 (APL 6-12).
Metaorganizational Focus: House Estival, The Family.

VTF8-01 The Storm by Stephen Baker
The opposing forces of the Baklunish West are approaching one another in Ekbir and a confrontation between the Exalted and the True Faith awaits. As the distance between the armies diminishes, tensions rise. What can, or should, be done? A two-round adventure for levels 4 to 15 (APL 6-14) and part of the Unity and Discord series.

VTF8-02 Red Skies in the Morning by Sean Kliethermes
Markessa the Red: Pirate, Slaver, the Scourge of the Nyr Dyv. For years, Markessa the Red has prowled the waters of the Lake of Unknown Depths, harvesting slaves and menacing the Free Lands in the employ of her Slavelord masters. Now you have been approached by a strange new ally bearing an even stranger request: “Help me save Markessa the Red.” Do you have what it takes to invade Markessa’s secret lair and put an end to her evil, one way or another? A one-round VTF Meta-Regional adventure set in the Free Lands of Dyvers, in the City of Dyvers and on the Nyr Dyv, for characters level 4-16 (APLs 6-16).

ZEF8-01 Dry Land by Ian Seale
The seed of ancient evil is sown in human frailty and nurtured in ignorance, indifference and corruption. The strong of heart and wise of mind must wrench out the vile weed, lest it bear a terrible fruit. A one-round Zeif regional adventure, for PCs level 1-15 (APLs 2-12).

ZEF8-02 She’s All Washed Up by Jake Robins
Even the uppermost powers of Zeif have dark mysteries in their past, and secrets can’t be held forever. Heroes from the Sultanate might have to dig deeper than ever into the history of Zeif to uncover the truth. A one-round regional adventure set in the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12).

ZEF8-03 Last Splash by Jon Dawes
Thousands of years ago, a party of adventurers saved the land that would eventually become the Sultanate of Zeif from an extraplanar menace bent on its ruin. Time has erased the story of these brave heroes, but the threat has returned with a vengeance. Can pre-history repeat itself, or will fiery evil triumph in modern Zeif? Only today’s heroes can tell. This adventure concludes the Eternally Yours story arc. A one-round regional adventure set in the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-14).

ZEF8-04 Getting There is Half the Fun by Cory Fliegel
The slavers are on the move. They are ready to take Dhabyia once and for all. The Neogi with their army of Githyanki and their dragons are poised for a final blow that may destroy the city. The slaver queen, Shyanne has a plan to even the playing field for those brave enough to venture through the planes. A one-round regional adventure set in the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 4-12 (APLs 6-12). This is part four in the Slave Pits of Dhabyia arc that will conclude with part five ZEF8-05 All Good Things. This arc is intended to be an “elite” series and players should expect each encounter to tax them to their limits.

ZEF8-05 All Good Things by Cory Fliegel and Andreas Zimmermann
The time has come to face the past in an effort to save the future. The path leads to the first family of Dhabyia’s mansion, now abandoned for two decades. Many questions can be answered, but more will be raised. An adventure not for the weak at heart. The final adventure in the Slave Pits of Dhabyia arc. This is an “elite” and very mature adventure where characters will be taxed to the limits of their powers. A two-round regional adventure set in the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 4-14 (APLs 6-14).

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