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Gran March AR Modification
Campaign News

Effective immediately, all Living Greyhawk players who have played the Gran March regional adventures The Patrol and/or Malificus Ex Malificus need to download the special adventure record linked at the bottom of this article.

Necessary changes must be made as soon as possible. Players will need to make adjustments to their character(s) that void the experience points and gold gained in both of these adventures. This action must be taken because these adventures were not sanctioned with the RPGA and have thus been voided. The adventure record explains in detail the procedure to record these changes, but here are some bullet points regarding these changes:

  • Character death and/or ability loss is reversed. This may result in an experience point adjustment in addition to losing the experience points from The Patrol and Malificus Ex Malificus.
  • Experience Point loss that puts your character at a level deficit will not affect your actual level but you will not gain additional levels until you have made up the deficit experience points that are missing.
  • Items lost or used up during The Patrol and/or Malificus Ex Malificus are restored effective with this special AR.
  • Gold piece loss that puts your character at a deficit must be restored to a positive balance before further purchases, though you may pay mandatory costs (such as upkeep) while working towards restoring the positive balance. This may be accomplished by either further adventuring or by selling items previously purchased.
  • TU are gained back even if play of these modules took place in Year 2 they are added to your Year 3 total.
  • All effects of playing these adventures are voided/reversed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Download the special Gran March Adventure Record

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