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Regions: A Place to Call Home
Campaign News

Big changes are on the horizon for the Living Greyhawk website. Thrifty halfling agents uncovered a massive project progressing rapidly. As yet, the RPGA Web Dwarf is unavailable for public comment, but sources close to the project estimate a fully function launch in late March early April. While many details still remain well guarded and the full scope of this project is unknown, here's what our analysis of the clues has yielded so far.

The website maintained by the Living Greyhawk circle ( is being absorbed into the official Living Greyhawk website. This means anyone looking for campaign documents, announcements, and even regional or metaregional adventures will find it all in one place on the Wizards website.

To support this roll-up, each region and metaregion will have a more prominent presence on the website. Our intelligence suggests each region has a page featuring a brief regional profile and overview, links to triad websites, and downloads for currently available adventures. One scout reports seeing a file labeled "Future Regional Support" but didn't have time to investigate before security arrived and lured the halflings off using an insidious batch of half-off buffet coupons. They didn't come away empty handed; one of the agents managed to snatch the schematic show below from the Web Dwarf's workbench before getting caught up in the feeding frenzy.

Check in the coming weeks for more information. We'll keep you up to date as we process the reports arriving from our field agents.

Partial image of a new regional web page.
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