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High-Level Option Coming Soon
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For those that have made the upward climb to the dizzying heights of high-level status, your wait is almost over. This spring, the Greyhawk Challenge high-level option begins, allowing those 16th level and higher PCs to once again emerge to fight foes worthy of their stature on Oerth.

The Greyhawk Challenge option will consist of three DM’s Challenges, which are relatively short packages of adventure information released approximately once every three months (starting in late spring), where a group of high-level PCs can play under the auspices of their DM right at home. We provide a framework, basic plot, and adventure record, and the home DM crafts an adventure that can be tailor-made for the PCs playing in it. Each plot arc runs one year, and culminates in a special fully detailed adventure premiering at Winter Fantasy (and later available for home play), which concludes the current arc and sets in motion the beginnings of the next year’s arc. Every year, that’s 4 adventures you can play at your own pace at home, and continue your legacy of adventure all the way through 20th level!

Rules for the high-level option have been streamlined for the special nature of high-level play (access rules are simple, time units have been removed, magic item creation is less complex), and will be available in a short time right here. Following soon after, we’ll have a teaser of the first adventure in the plot arc, and the DM’s Challenge will then become available for download. High-level play in the Greyhawk Challenge is also separate and distinct from the base campaign (the Living Greyhawk campaign designed for characters 1-15) in order to keep both sides focused on elements appropriate to their levels of play.

The best part about it all is that you can play in one adventure with your high-level adventurer, and then write and DM another one without having to worry about in which manner the adventures can be reported. While you can only play once in each DM’s Challenge release, you can DM that release as many times as you’d like during its lay cycle, either before or after you’ve played!

So, once again get ready to cast miracle, make 12 attacks in one round, and time stop ‘till your heart’s content! The Greyhawk Challenge is about to begin!

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