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DM's Challenges High-Level Option
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So, your character started as a wide-eyed neophyte, evolved into to a seasoned adventurer, and finally triumphed as a world-affecting hero all in the matter of a few years of exciting Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying in the Living Greyhawk campaign. Now, the character’s reached the dizzying heights of high-level status, and has said a fond goodbye to the comforts of old. What's next for your intrepid adventurer? DM's Challenges await!

The DM's Challenges document introduces you to DM's Challenges high-level option for Living Greyhawk. It contains everything you need to convert your character to high-level play, and what you can expect from adventures in this new option.

Visit the new DM's Challenges page in the Regions and Metaregions section of the Living Greyhawk site. Also be sure to download your copy of the DM's Challenges High-Level Option Rules from the Documents Section of the Living Greyhawk welcome page.

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