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LGCS Draft Discussion
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The Living Greyhawk campaign allows players to inspect their main rules document, the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (or LGCS), before it goes live in the campaign. For a short time, discussion commences on a draft version of the document allowing players to voice their feedback regarding the LGCS.

This discussion is hosted on the Wizards of the Coast Community message boards. The Living Greyhawk Rules forum is available on the RPGA forums page. So, log on to the Wizards Community Boards and give your input today!

Download a draft copy of the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook for 597 CY from the Campaign Documents section of the Living Greyhawk welcome page.

Discussion continues until the end of the day Sunday, February 11, 2007. After this time, the Circle will consider alterations for the final LCGS based on your input. The final draft is scheduled for release prior to D&D Experience. However, feel free to use the Living Greyhawk Rules forum to discuss anything you find in one of the campaign’s rules documents after the formal discussion ends. Your discussions on the Living Greyhawk Rules forum will fuel the content of future Dispel Confusion articles and other rule updates.

Guidelines for Posting on the LGCS Draft Discussion

Before you start to post on various issues regarding the LGCS draft, I would like to go over some ground rules that will help the circle to weed through what is sure to be a massive amount of information. We want to hear everyone’s voice that posts on this forum, so please bear in mind the following rules. If you don’t adhere to these rules, there’s a pretty high chance that an entire thread will be ignored because of offending posts.

  1. You have until Sunday, February 11 to post LGCS draft issues on this forum. After that time, you can comment on rules or documents as much as you’d like on this forum, but we will only consider issues for the final copy of the LGCS for 597 CY brought up during the official posting period.
  2. Stay on topic. Don’t start a thread about new base classes, and then turn the debate to morality in D&D. All topics considered for the LGCS should keep focus; if you want to discuss another potential issue for the LGCS that is not on the current topic, start a new thread.
  3. Keep your posts brief – get right to the point. Explain only as much as you need to get your point across. Don’t over-explain, or get involved in unnecessary point-counter-point discussions.
  4. The following topics are off limits (any thread containing them will be ignored): Calling for a rules item (a feat, spell, prestige class, or base class) to be “moved up” from a more restricted status to a less restricted one (for example, asking that Mordenkainen’s disjunction be moved up from restricted to limited), asking for books not currently allowed in the campaign to be considered for the campaign (for example, Magic of Incarnum or the Eberron Campaign Setting), talk not specific to content that would be found in the LGCS (for example, talking about information that should be in the high-level option or the LG Deities document), and debating whether the Living Greyhawk campaign should change D&D game mechanics to make a rule “fit” (for example, proposing that a feat’s rules be altered to make it more palatable for an organized play environment).

The final document should be posted to the Living Greyhawk portion of the website just before D&D Experience.

Thanks very much for your help and contribution to the Living Greyhawk campaign!

Living Greyhawk Circle

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