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Ratik and Perrenland Resize
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Late last year, flexing her new powers, Colleen Simpson stole large portions of my Empire while I was busy in the Abyss. For nearly a year now, I have been plotting the reclamation of these areas of the world that were stolen from me by the cunning Nyrondese. I am pleased to announce that the efforts of my minions have come to fruition; as of Spring Revel Downunder 2007 (October 4th to 7th in Cairns, Qld Australia) some of those that sought refuge in the distant Rakers from my demonic and undead hordes will be brought back in chains to my demesne. Starting October 4, New South Wales, Australia will be returning to Perrenland and Iuz’s (that’s me) Border States. So you New South Welsh, play all the heroic, knightly Ratik adventures you can now; because soon, you’ll be mine again, back in Perrenland where commoners worship Nerull, adventurers are mercenaries, and no one knows how to sail a ship.

To be honest, this was the result of the work of the players and volunteers in Australia. The return of NSW to Perrenland should help balance play numbers between the regions and offer better cross-regional play opportunities. It also has the added benefit of returning one of my Perrenland triad members to Perrenland. For the past year, Patrick Williamson has been grumbling about being isolated within Ratik and the troubles it has caused with organizing playtests and slot zeros for Perrenland adventures. I prefer Patrick to not be angry if possible, as it might get taken out on me someday, even if I had nothing to do with it (he’s a Gunn and I’m a Keith; Google it). So, for those of you happy with the upcoming change, be sure to thank your local players and volunteers for their work in helping to improve the campaign. For those of you upset with the change, I am sorry for the confusion and second set of changes, but we are quite confident that this is in the best interests of the regions and the campaign.

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