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The Living Greyhawk circle has an exciting announcement for all Living Greyhawk players. Starting September 1, 2007, the circle has decided that all adventures going forward will cost 0 time units (TUs). So every core, metaregional, regional, and interactive will cost your character 0 TUs to play. Characters will still have to pay a standard lifestyle cost for each adventure played (unless they choose to live off the wild). If you are playing in your home region or metaregion, the cost will be 12 gold pieces per round. Everything else will be 24 gold pieces per round. The cost of rich or luxury lifestyle is 75 gold pieces a round.

Each character will still have 52 TUs a year and must still take away the TU costs of metaorganizations, crafting, and any other expenditure that requires the player to use TUs. (Examples include using TUs to grant access to past items on adventure records, imprisonment costs, or retraining.)

In addition to allowing your character to play all they want, all year 6 core adventures, and adapted adventures, will be extended for play through the end of 2008.

All characters have an option to forego leveling to 16th and to keep on playing adventures until the campaign ends by receiving 0 gp and 0 XP each adventure. Sacrificing gold and XP this way allows the player to play until the storyline ends. The player does not have to create a new character in order to play.

Once again a big thanks to all the Living Greyhawk players out there; the circle would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication these past seven years. We have an incredible story arc lined up to end the campaign along with all our regions tying up all terrific storylines that are sure not to be missed.

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