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A new year is almost upon us and with it the last year of Living Greyhawk. Regions are furiously releasing numerous adventures to wet the appetite of players everywhere. The Living Greyhawk circle wants to clarify a few questions that have come up lately as well as announce some exciting news for all Living Greyhawk players.

The first question is whether the Sinister Spire and Fortress of the Yuan-Ti adventures will be adapted for Living Greyhawk play. Both will indeed be adapted, in fact Sinister Spire is already at RPGA HQ and Fortress of the Yuan-Ti will arrive there shortly. More than likely Fortress of the Yuan-Ti will be available for order sometime after the New Year. These adventures cost 0 time units just like all other adventures out there now. Also, in Barrow of the Forgotten King (the first adventure in a new series) there is a legacy weapon. That weapon is not considered a legacy weapon in the Living Greyhawk campaign. This is noted in the adapted documents that come when you order the AR from the RPGA database.

Expedition to the Greyhawk Ruins adventure will also be adapted and is currently in the works. The core series that deals with these adventures are rapidly coming out. Rest assured this mega-adventure will come out before the campaign ends next July.

In a recent core adventure, COR7-19 Wrath of the Slave Lord, there is a favor entitled Greyhawk Informant. The first incarnation of this favor on the adventure record (AR) was erroneous. The new AR has been uploaded to the database so future gamers will not have to worry about having the wrong favor. For those that have the old AR this is what the new favor should read:

Greyhawk Informant: Staying true to one’s word is having confidence about your beliefs. Greyhawk officials award you for first having warned them about the vile plans of Opi’Kel and for now defeating this foul slavelord. In thanks, they offer to lend you–four times only–a non-consumable magic item if your adventure is set in the Domain of Greyhawk. The item must be picked from the Dungeon Master's Guide and must cost less than 2,000 gp. If you ever lose or break an item you borrowed, this favor immediately ends. The item borrowed must be returned at the end of the adventure.

Now for the exciting news, on February 28–March 2 at D&D Experience, CORS8-01 Whispers of the Obsidian Citadel will premier. This kicks off the epic final core plot arc for the Living Greyhawk campaign. There will still be other core adventures coming out rest assured but this series is the one not to miss as it will explore every corner of Living Greyhawk. This adventure is APL 6 and up which is new for core specials as most start at APL 2. So for all Living Greyhawk players out there, please note this change and make sure you are all set for the beginning of the end. This will be the case for all of the adventures in the core Living Greyhawk plot arc that ends the campaign.

If there are any other questions that come up please feel free to post them on the Living Greyhawk message boards.

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