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The Final Core AR!
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Final Core AR Download

Final Core AR.
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Over the last eight years, the Living Greyhawk campaign has produced more than 150 core adventures and over a dozen special events. Many of the plots presented in those adventures have been fully revealed, while others provided tantalizing AR entries that hinted at greater things for the successful (or lucky) adventurer. However, as the campaign draws to a close, it is time for your character to settle down and at least partially retire. The life of an adventurer is peril-filled and full of excitement, but eventually it must come to an end; even the wildest, most daring warrior, eventually tires of the constant battles and pursuit of glory.

That’s why the core team has developed a finale adventure record for your character! Download it and take a look at the final AR entries that your character could earn. The AR presents several final fates which you can pick for your character (as long as the requirements for the AR item in question are met). Each character can only choose one AR item from this final AR, and the AR must be the final one in that character’s stack.

The campaign’s not over yet, though. You’ve got six adventure-filled months of danger, thrills, and spills left before the allure of retirement proves too much for you character. So grab your sword, heft your shield, and ready your spells – great events have yet to still unfold in the Flanaess and as always heroes are needed to stem the rising tide of darkness!

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