Diplomacy Check08/03/2004

Origins Report

As always the Living Greyhawk campaign was the king of the show. We premiered three new events, including the 2nd Living Greyhawk special, CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons to great acclaim. Many braved the cold dangers of the Land of Black Ice and some even managed to get away with a little loot to go with their lives. A few APL 18 tables formed up before the show and were challenged by event co-author Bill Muench with all the evil skills he could muster.

We hope to have the adventure ready for homeplay sometime in September or October. So keep your eyes peeled.

Rev up my Revivify

Once again ghosts of ages past have cast bestow confusion upon the campaign. An error has crept into the LGCS 3.0 and the following is an immediate correction to an incorrect spell listing found in it.

Revivify – this spell was listed as 'Limited' in the LGCS 3.0 – this is incorrect. This spell should be listed as 'Restricted' as it is not usable in the Living Greyhawk campaign. If you have this spell you need to remove it and choose another based on the criteria that let you pick it in the first place. Please contact your triad if you have further questions on this matter.

Living Greyhawk Campaign Survey 2004 (continued)

The Living Greyhawk campaign staff prides itself on being as accessible to the players as possible. From the LG-draft list, where every player has an equal say, to the LG survey where you can give comments and know a circle member will read every last one of them, to talking to players one-on-one at shows, we do our best to make every last player feel like their voice is being heard and the campaign is listening.

So with January marking the start of the 4th year of the Living Greyhawk campaign, we also kicked off our 2nd annual LG survey. This survey gave the players in the campaign a chance to rate the campaign as a whole, their region, and sound off on what they liked and disliked about the campaign. In our continuing series on the survey today we will explore what some people thought were the best adventures to come out in year two and year three as well as some numbers on some ideas we are putting into place.

Favorite Year Two Cores:
1st – Amidst the Mists and Coldest Frosts by Dale Friesen 2nd – Ashes of Innocence by David Christ 3rd – As He Lay Dying by Erik Mona 4th – Escape from Tenh by Jason Bulmahn, David Christ, and Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Favorite Year Three Cores:
1st – By Cunning and Forced Cause by David Baker 2nd – Fury of a Cold Man’s Heart by David Christ 3rd – Sepulcher of the Wizard-King by Jason Bulmahn and David Christ 4th – A Man with Nothing by David Christ

How do you think character advancement is going so far?

Just Fine 71%
To Fast 13%
To Slow 15%

How do you think the rate of gold going out is going so far ?

Just Right 49%
To Much 6% (like anybody is going to want to give gold back)
Not Enough 44%

New Core Releases

September 2004

COR4-14 Sympathy for the Baatezu by Chris Chesher – Digging deeper into the dark alleys of Eastfair has cleared up some puzzles, but the sickly dust quickly settles to create new obfuscation. Perhaps it is time to step out for some fresh air. A favor for a favor, new friends may be able to help you help yourself and get to the bottom of this mystery. With the who and hows covered, its time to gather up a motive. The pillows and linen are freshly changed, so a head on over to The Whirling Dervish and get a good rest, you'll need it. Part 3 of the Running with the Baatezu series. APL 2-8

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