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Whispers on the Wind

Hopefully everyone is done with conversion, had a chance to scope out the new rule books, and is now ready to play instead of worrying about paperwork.

One of the grand things about being a Dungeon Master is being able to breathe life into a story by injecting wild tales about stories far away or even just rumors that may or may not be true. The Living Greyhawk campaign is so large that any time a character is walking down a street or sipping ale in a tavern, they may have a chance to overhear something unusual. Local bartenders, or neighborhood drunks, spin tales about places and people they have no real knowledge about, but they believe it’s the truth. They swear by it. I mean who doesn’t believe everything a passing adventurer says?

When running an RPGA game session Living Greyhawk, or your home campaign if you so choose, spice things up and tickle the fancy of money hungry adventurers with tales of vast treasure or long lost cities. Here are some rumors that you can use at your next gaming session to pique the interest of your players. You can use these at any point and the players do not necessarily have to roll a Gather Information check to hear them. It is up to you which non-player character (NPC) tells the rumor to the adventurers. Some may purposely give a false lead (or what they think is a untrue) just to get the adventurers out of town for their own nefarious plots. Some may just want to be helpful or friendly or want a cut of the profit in return. Give the rumors out randomly, and who knows, some may actually come true…

The Rumor Mill

“Strange boats with yellow flags were seen off the Wild Coast recently. Some say these are just old boats that were bought up by pirates to scare the locals into thinking the Slavers were back in business. My gut feeling is that there right. I mean they were destroyed by adventurers long ago who would have the power to bring them back? Of course I also heard a few families went missing a while back near Celene…”

“Whispers of the Black Ones appearance are most unsettling. I heard he is some kinda of undead creature now. He is still searching for the untold treasure or so I’m told. What I think is that elves of that area are concocting this tall tale to keep adventurers away so they don’t invade and take all the fortunes. It’s why the Grand Duke went there years ago…”

“My brother heard from his cousin’s wife’s sister that the Greyhawk library was broken into some time ago. Rare books were stolen but they were just dumb ones. Like some Draco, no Demonomicon or whatever. Sounds like some joke of a book with hokey names and religions to me. Heard the Greyhawk guard sent a vast array of men to get the stupid stuff back. Seems like a waste of our tax dollars to me.”

“In Veluna I heard the Canon died in a spectacular battle with a creature from beyond death. He tried to use the Crook and it was useless in his hands. Always knew that Flight of Fiends was a crock and that is was burnt old stick instead of some mighty staff of Rao.”

“I hear there are great Suel treasures around the Suss Forest. Ya loads of adventurers have gone there following the Jewel River but have never returned or so I hear. Lots of goblinoids and worse, like three armed giants and shadow beast’s lair there guarding the lost city of the Suloise. I’d love to go there with some band of brave heroes just to get my hands on all that treasure...”

“When I was fighting with the Geoff armies recently I overheard that some of the grand treasures were stolen. Yah, I fought over there. I’m on uh… leave… yah, that’s it. No lying. But anyways I heard that they came at night and took quite a few things. Not sure what they were looking for but they must’ve found it. No one was captured, but you know what? It was those darn, dirty Dyver’s thieves…ya it’s always Dyvers. People always think you can’t trust the Greyhawk thieves, but I find them nice compared to those from Dyvers.

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