Diplomacy Check07/05/2005

Summer Tales

Good tidings to all adventurers! Hope all is going well in your travels and that nasty beasts aren’t blocking all your passages and keeping you from the vast treasures. The summer months approach which means convention season is upon us. Origins and Gen Con Indy are right around the corner along with numerous Living Greyhawk regional conventions sure to keep all you adventurers busy and traveling. There are many surprises in store for those looking for it so keep an eye out in those core and regional Living Greyhawk adventures at all conventions.

A bounty of new rumors and tales of daring adventures have come across my ledgers recently. I have traveled afar going from the lands of Zeif to the far reaches of the Aerdi Sea. I have seen numerous strange and wonderful creatures or well maybe I haven’t seen them but only heard of them. So remember Dungeon Masters, be sure to print off this page and take it with you to your latest convention. This will enhance the play experience and also give insight to things that may be coming down the line, for as many know in Living Greyhawk strange things always seem to be around the corner.

The Rumor Mill

“I saw a strange gnome claiming to hail from the Yatil Mountains the other day in Loppola, Ket. He talked with a funny accent and said he was watching me and my other compatriots with great interest. He said he was a valley gnome or that’s where his kind is from near some caverns. He gave me a strange colored gemstone and told me to hold onto it. Of course I immediately thought he was some enemy of the Old One and cursed him away. No one ever gives me anything for free!”

“The sultan of Zeif is ailing in health and mind. The locals say that every time he speaks, gibberish comes out of his mouth about sand devils and storms the likes of which no one has ever seen. He keeps saying that the war will be fought in sandstorms and that flying creatures will be the downfall of the country and possibly the world.

"Greyhawk City has seen its fair share of weird happenings but this one tops them all. Lights dot the sky and towers when the sun dips below the horizon. The lights begin to form beings, but no one is sure what they are. On a different note, there are a lot of missing goods and persons lately. Mordenkainen seems to be on the case -- I’ve seen a strange man flying through the sky inspecting the lights. They scatter when he gets near them.”

“A twisted creature that looked similar to an angel was seen flying, yup flying, over the Nyr Dyv a few months ago. It swooped down and thrust its claw into the mouth of some poor villager and ripped open his cheek and dropped him from about forty feet in the air! The guy never had a chance. The thing then turned to look at me, and I got my first and hopefully last look at its decaying, charred form before it took off racing towards the east.”

“Whispers of Turrosh Mak are being heard in the taverns and inns across the Sheldomar Valley. They speak of him slowly creeping up the Wild Coast in cohoots with some knew vile pirate bent on taking back his lands. No one has paid much attention to him lately with the uprisings and problems in so many countries, but I have kept close tabs on him.”

“The magical gate between Irongate and Mitrik is being threatened by an unknown force. Some say it is the Archmage Bigby’s doing; others say it is that of the Scarlet Brotherhood. I hear that smuggled undead are coming through the gate on the Irongate side further bolstering the undead army in Veluna…”

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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