Diplomacy Check11/15/2005

Winter Tales

The winter months are fast approaching (in most gaming areas at least) so what better way to whittle those days and nights away, when the weathers bad, than gaming? Quite a few interesting rumors have passed down through my contacts and more than a few are causes quite a stir. But I assure you that the following few proclamations are not mere rumors and are sure to increase the excitement of Living Greyhawk.

The most exciting of the news is that the Sultanate of Zeif is now a player run region! This new region starts up on January 1, 2006 and is included in the Velverdyva, Tuflik, Fals metaregion. The areas that will consist of Zeif are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The new triad is in place and is gearing up to make this region ready from the start.

The other few tales are just informative ones as the latest Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (LGCS) is coming out January 1, 2006. This will have many of the latest books (at least the ones we can get our hands on) included so that all can take advantage of the new knowledge to better defeat the evil that lurks in their corner of the world. The Deities Document is another long awaited tome that many are clamoring for. This one should hit around the first of the year as well so look for it then.

Onward to more strange but possibly true rumors around the Flanaess. Dungeon Masters, be sure to print off this page and take it with you to your next gaming event. (Gen Con So Cal anyone?) Again, I must be quick with my tales as I’ve heard there’s a bounty on me. Who knew someone such as I, who has contacts in all corners of the lands, am worth so much for just having a wealth of information that are just rumors? Evil must be desperate, wait, did you hear something? Must have been the wind…

Rumor Mill

“Whispers of some demi-lich coming from the west are gathering more and more validity. A tomb is said to be filled with treasures beyond any mortal’s dreams. Quite a few adventurers have gone into it lately but none have returned, be it because it’s large or because they’ve become a part of the tomb itself no one sure. Let it be known for the record that only the strongest and most experienced of ye adventurers face this peril for surely that is what was intended.”

“The Wooly Bay has seen its fair share of captains choosing to shift alliances with the wind but this is getting ridiculous. Why I was on a ship just the other day where the captain mentioned that they sell regularly to Highport now. Who deals with those nefarious folk I don’t know but the activity there was extraordinary! Heck every kind of humanoid could be had there for the right price. Personally I think it appalling and got out of there fast but a few of my fellow travelers stayed behind saying they had some checking out to do…”

“I happened to meet a fellow that was adventuring in some lush tropical jungle, think it was called the Amedio. Anyways, he told me that the land seemed alive and aware of his presence. He felt like he was being watched at every turn yet saw nothing. Many of the plants were the color red with a few being black. Large areas were burnt down and when he did find trouble they were such strange creatures the likes of which have never been seen. I suspect adventurers such as you may want to go down there to check it out, I think a ships leaving in the hour…”

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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