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Be Prepared!

So you want to play in a session of Living Greyhawk? Well, there are some very important things you should do before you sit down to play. Some of them are required (and will be discussed below) and others simply make the gaming experience a lot more fun and easier for you, your GM, and your fellow players.

Before you begin, be sure you have reviewed the latest versions of the RPGA General Rules and the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (LGCS) and relate documents. All players are responsible for abiding by the rules in those documents. You need to make sure you have an RPGA number and bring that number with you to the game session, unless you are a new player (new players may register for an RPGA membership at the event).

Players must bring a set of dice with them, a writing utensil (such as a pen or pencil), and a miniature, or other similarly sized object, to represent their character. You also are required to bring appropriate campaign documentation for your character and any reference materials you need for that character. There is often confusion amongst players as to what documentation and reference materials are required to be brought to the table in Living Greyhawk, so let’s review that requirement in detail.

All players must maintain a current and accurate character sheet. You can use your own version of that character sheet if you wish, but the campaign staff strongly recommends you use the one provided by the campaign as it makes it easier for GMs to review your character. GMs do not sign off on character sheets, but they may review them at any time, so it is important that you fill them out neatly so they are readable. The LGCS covers the rules for creating a character for Living Greyhawk. If you are creating a new character, please do so before sitting down for a session.

Whenever you play a session of Living Greyhawk, you will receive an adventure record (AR) for the adventure you played. You are required to retain all ARs you receive and keep them with the character that is listed on those ARs. You must bring all of them to the table with you, no exceptions. The campaign staff recommends you make a photocopy of all of your character documentation and keep it someplace safe in case your originals are stolen or destroyed (in a fire, for example).

Once you’ve played your first adventure with a character, you will also need to maintain a master item logsheet (MIL). This is a record of the equipment your character has gained. As your character acquires more gear and items, your MIL may become filled or difficult to read. At that time, you fill out a new MIL (this task should be completed before you sit down to participate in the session). However, you must retain all old MILs and keep them with your character, just as you do with old ARs.

Players with characters capable of magic item creation will need to maintain another set of paperwork. Whenever you plan to create magic items, you must fill out a magic item creation (MIC) logsheet. This logsheet must be completed before you sit down to play, if you plan to create magic items during that session. You must retain all MIC logsheets and keep them with your character.

The one piece of reference material that all players must bring with them to the session is a copy of the Player’s Handbook v.3.5. If your character belongs to a meta-organization, you also need to bring a copy of the documentation for that meta-organization to the session. If your character uses materials outside the Player's Handbook v.3.5 (such as a prestige class, magic item, feat, or spell) from a campaign approved source such as the Living Greyhawk Journal, Dungeon Master’s Guide v.3.5, Monster Manual v.3.5, or other Wizards of the Coast D&D book, you must bring a copy of that book (or at least the relevant pages from that book) to the table. If you don’t bring this additional documentation with you, your judge can choose to not allow you to use those materials.

So that’s what you should always do to prepare for your gaming session. Next time, we’ll discuss other preparations you can make that will can help improved your playing experience.

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