Game Tips08/17/2004

Castle Greyhawk, A Found Journal

We interrupt your regularly scheduled GM tip column to bring you this important message.

A small leather bound journal was found on an abandoned tavern stool not two days ago. This small book quickly began circulating amongst the locals, with much talk and excitement about the tales it contains. Not soon after, it's found its way into your hands. Below are a number of excerpts.

We arrived at the famed doors of Castle Greyhawk earlier this morning, our letter telling us to come here and seek out a blue tent. Inside were the mad faithful, staring at us with hopeful eyes. Jalos did most of the talking, as usual, trying to negotiate a greater fee for the work requested. We are supposed to find keys, and as many of them as we can get. We are now waiting for the dwarves to check our papers and let us into the dungeon. Jalos is not happy with the arrangements, but Selnia and I are looking forward to braving the depths of this place. With all the gold we are certain to find, I am sure Jalos will quit complaining soon enough.

A bit later in the journal

What a wretched, accursed place. I do not even know where we are anymore and carrying Jalos along is not helping my spirits any. The clerics asked us to find keys but neglected to mention that they seem to be hidden with almost malicious intent. I hope the two we have found are worth the cost of Jalos’ life. I do not think he will make it to see the surface again. The trolls spiked club put quite the dent in his head. At least he’s quiet now.

Just a page later

What we thought was a fountain of healing was in turn filled with acid. Jalos is dead. Selnia and I buried him in a natural cavern we found. There are drums beating in the distance, and they seem to be getting louder. I fear that we have wandered into a place overrun by goblins or worse. There are strange writings on the wall that I cannot understand. I fear they are a warning of some sort. There seems to be no way out of this hell.

On the last page of the journal

Selnia just vanished and now I am all alone. We finally managed to get away from the goblins but ran into a brutish gang of half-orcs that demanded our keys. Between the choice of handing over the small trinkets and battling with the vicious band, we decided to hand over the keys. However, just after leaving the half breeds behind, we wandered down a dark corridor and found a chamber bathed in strange green light; the sound of strange voices echoed within. There was a terrific flash and once my sight returned Solnia was gone.. just gone. Now I wander alone, without purpose or hope.

The final entry

Something follows me. I do not know what it is, and I dare not seek it out. There is no way out of here.I am truly lost. May Pelor have mercy upon me. The end is near but I will not go without a fight…

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