Game Tips09/21/2004

Castle Greyhawk at Gen Con Indy

As the doors to the famed Castle Greyhawk slowly ground to a close, hundreds of wary adventures made their way home, licking wounds and telling tales of great valor and bravery. Some told tales of untold horrors deep within the dungeon's halls, others of great treasures still waiting to be found, and some tell no tales at all as they failed to emerge from the infamous locale.

All told, over one-hundred tables of Castle Greyhawk ran at Gen Con Indy this year. As many have heard, the focus of the event was the recovery of plain copper keys hidden deep within the dungeon. All told, over 1,400 keys were recovered by the brave heroes that ventured deep into the tower of war. Of all those keys, only one has the potential to be the key sought by the priests of the Mad God. It is a sign the prophet of Zagyg has been found, and all of the adventurers present at that table become disciples of Zagyg. Since this event also runs at Gen Con So Cal and Gen Con Europe, the true prophet of Zagyg is not yet revealed and waits quietly amongst the disciples.

Without further adieu, I am happy to announce the players and their characters that discovered what might be, the one true key. They are… drumroll please:

Shawn Smith, player of Malchack, Fighter 1/Wizard 4
Mike Langworthy, player of Conqubail, Cleric 3/Ranger 2
Pat McDonough, player of Erinolis Doumtrious, Paladin 5
Andrew Stueve, player of Drengin Halfbeard, Barbarian 2,Fighter 3
Philip Slama, player of Lariil Arkenealylth, Fighter 2/Wizard 2
Ladonna Weeks, player of Fiona Mysteria, Sorcerer 6

These brave adventures found a total of twelve keys during their perilous journey beneath Castle Greyhawk. However, one of those keys was special. Although the clerics of Zagyg are not yet certain, they think it may be the key they seek.

Other adventurers came out of the dungeon with their own unique rewards. Maybe they touched something that they shouldn’t, ate something evil, or put something where it did not belong. You know who you are. Your time is coming. We will announce the results of those effects after the event runs at Gen Con So Cal in December. Keep an eye on the website shortly after that show to find out what’s up with your “favor”.

The other three Living Greyhawk events at Gen Con Indy ran with great success. All told, we ran over 300 tables of Living Greyhawk at Gen Con this year, not to mention other pre-Gen Con events that took place on Wednesday. The Living Greyhawk staff would like to thank you, the players and judges for making this a very successful convention for us and we look forward to seeing many of you at the next big show.

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