Game Tips11/15/2004

Gen Con So Cal Preveiw

In just a few weeks (December 2-5) gamers will ascend upon Anaheim, California for the second time to take part in four days of roleplaying delight at Gen Con So Cal. Gen Con Indy was a great success for Living Greyhawk and the same is expected out on the west coast. At So Cal, gamers have the chance to play the last three Living Greyhawk core modules and the second chance to catch the much acclaimed Castle Greyhawk special before its gone forever!

Think your character has what it takes to go deep into the dungeon of the Mad God? Can your party succeed in finding the keys where others have lost their souls? If the answer is yes, then make sure to play the Living Greyhawk special!

If you’re a talented adventurer who manages to survive through daring heroics or plain luck, be sure to sign up at the main event table for the special. Castle Greyhawk is packed full of surprises for the numerous, disquieted adventurers trying to make their mark in the City of Greyhawk. Daring souls registered to play at the main event table face the challenges at APL 10 and higher, and they are treated to a greater thrill as the dungeon is brought to life in 3-D using Dwarven Forge MasterMaze and a full array of D&D Miniatures.

The Castle Greyhawk special is also available on floor tables using battle grids and playmats for the full range of APLs. Be sure to sign up for the Castle Greyhawk floor table to ensure your chance of playing one of the all time great, special modules.

As if that wasn’t enough to get to Gen Con So Cal there are three brand new Living Greyhawk modules ready to be explored by adventurers young and old!

COR4-18 It Never Rains in Nyrond is a continuation of the Sympathy of the Baatezu series which has been a non stop roller coaster ride so far and this expects to be more of the same!

COR4-19 That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known and COR4-20 Like Salt on an Open Wound are perfect starting on points for those wanting to try out the Living Greyhawk campaign. Of course for those old adventurers that want a new taste of thrill, they are welcome to use their skills and go for the treasure in these great new modules.

Once you sign up be sure to check out your marshalling areas. This will greatly help you in your quest to seek out the right kind of adventurers to enhance your wealth!

We hope to see many of you in Anaheim this December for the chance to play in four great Living Greyhawk adventures rounding out year four of the campaign.

CORS4-03 Castle Greyhawk
For years, the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk have been sealed but no longer. Crazed followers of the Mad God have disappeared inside, inviting the brave, the greedy, the pure, and the wicked to join them. Your invitation arrived this morning. Do you dare to follow them into the most infamous dungeon in all the Flanaess? This is a special adventure for Living Greyhawk characters of any level.

COR4-18 It Never Rains in Nyrond
An old friend needs you to carry on where others have failed. Can you deliver a package to a dangerous location far out of your way? Part four of the Running with the Baatezu series.
APL 2 to 8.

COR4-19 That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known
A favor takes you from the town of Diamond Lake to the tiny village of Rowanfen on the edge of the Mistmarsh where nothing is quite as it seems. A core adventure in the Domain of Greyhawk for APLs 2 to 6.

COR4-20 Like Salt on an Open Wound
A salt trader asks you to protect her and her entourage. She is seeking a new trade route through the Baklunish West, where tempers are flaring and no merchant caravan is safe. Can you see her safely to Zeif? An adventure for APLs 2 to 10, and part one of "Blessings of the Shah."

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