Dispel Confusion07/26/2005

Dispel Confusion Vol. 1, No. 2
July 2005

If you have specific questions regarding the Living Greyhawk campaign, please post your questions on the official Living Greyhawk message board forum, located on the Wizards community boards.

All other questions regarding Dungeons & Dragons or the RPGA should be submitted though our customer service Knowledge Base, where you can reach our staff, or your question may already be answered online.

All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

Much of the information in this FAQ will be added to the next version of the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. This particular Dispel Confusion looks at many questions specific to the Blight on Bright Sands story arc, which began in COR5-06 Blood on Bright Sands, and continues throughout 2005 and 2006.


Q: To qualify for the lord of tides prestige class, you must undergo an initiation ritual and return with a relic. The scorpion heritor prestige class requires that you've survived the sting of a monstrous scorpion. How do these situations occur in the Living Greyhawk campaign?

A: You must receive documentation from an adventure record specifically mentioning that you've qualified for the lord of tides prestige class in order to meet the special prerequisite. For the scorpion heritor, the DM can simply write in the Play Notes section of your adventure record to show that you've met the special prerequisite.

Q: I have many questions on game mechanics issues involving Hueleneaer centaur characters (a special racial option available to D&D Rewards members for the Blight on Bright Sands story arc). How do I resolve rules questions on this race not specific to the Living Greyhawk campaign?

A: In all cases except those mentioned here and in the Blight on Bright Sands Sourcebook, Hueleneaer centaurs conform to the rules given in Races of the Wild. Also, referencing Chapters 4-7 of the Monster Manual may give you additional clarifications to your questions. If you have further questions, you can submit them through Knowledge Base to receive answers.

Q: Can Hueleneaer centaurs carry someone on their back?

A: While the Hueleneaer are vehemently opposed to others riding them in the traditional sense, they can carry an unconscious, dead, or incapacitated character on their back. It is the DM's discretion to determine whether a conscious character is considered incapacitated. Under no circumstances will a Hueleneaer carry a non-incapacitated creature on its back, as they consider this a rider, and find such a practice abhorrent.


Q: The Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook lists Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Cards through the first Mark of Heroes set. What cards are allowed in the Living Greyhawk campaign from the most recent sets?

A: Here is a listing of the cards allowed in the Living Greyhawk campaign from Mark of Heroes set 2 and set 3:

  • Feign Surprise (set 2, card 4 of 10)
  • Surprise Set (set 2, card 5 of 10)
  • Triumph of Hoof and Fletching (set 2, card 7 of 10)
  • Staggering Strike (set 2, card 8 of 10)
  • Dol Arrah's Sacrifice (set 3, card 2 of 10)
  • Swift Response (set 3, card 6 of 10)

Q: Some characters still possess the Hands of Ygrax. What happens with this item now that the Ether Threat story arc is over and the adventures are no longer available for play?

A: The Hands of Yagrax, along with all effects generating from them, are removed from your character. Delete the item from your master item logsheet (MIL).

Q: Do bhuka exist in the Living Greyhawk campaign?

A: No, bhuka do not exist. Asherati PCs receive Ancient Flan as a bonus language to replace Bhuka.

Q: Are the centaur listings from Tables 4-3: Random Starting Ages and 4-5: Random Starting Heights (Races of the Wild, page 106), appropriate for Hueleneaer PCs?

A: The ages are appropriate; Hueleneaer centaurs are usually slightly smaller than their sylvan brethren. Typically, they are about 8 inches shorter than what's listed on Table 4-5 in Races of the Wild.

Q: What is the starting gold for a centaur character in Living Greyhawk?

A: 200 gold pieces.

Q: What happens to a Hueleneaer centaur's equipment once they take their 6th racial level, and their size increases from Medium to Large?

A: Equipment resizes to fit the new size category of the centaur character. In addition, once the centaur reaches Large size, they may purchase Large weapons and armor in the same manner that other characters may purchase equipment appropriate for their size. So, weapons and armor from the Player's Handbook is open to a centaur that reaches Large size, and any other weapon or piece of armor that the centaur character has access to through adventure play can be purchased in Large size. Any difference in cost for weapons and armor must be paid at the time the character's size increases to Large.

Q: Can a character with the Bright Lands as their home region roll Profession, Craft, and Sleight of Hands checks to make coin after a core adventure set in the Bright Lands?

A: Yes. Any adventure in which the character would normally spend only one time unit to participate in affords the character all options normally presented to regional characters playing an in-region adventure.

Additional Errata Regarding Spell Access

Effective immediately, the following changes are in effect for the Living Greyhawk campaign:

  • The spikes spell (from Complete Divine) is restricted access.
  • The touch of madness spell (from Complete Divine) is core access.
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