Dispel Confusion09/21/2006

Dispel Confusion Vol. 2, No. 3
September 2006

If you have specific questions regarding the Living Greyhawk campaign, please post your questions on the official Living Greyhawk message board forum, located on the Wizards community boards.

All other questions regarding Dungeons & Dragons or the RPGA should be submitted though our customer service Knowledge Base, where you can reach our staff, or your question may already be answered online.

All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

Much of the information in this FAQ will be added to the next version of the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. This particular Dispel Confusion addresses written item access, has a new list of Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns card valid for play, and contains important errata for ADP6-01 Fane of the Drow. As always, all such updates are effective immediately from the date of this document’s publication.


Q: If I play an adventure with a character that is three or more levels higher or lower than the average party level (APL) of the group at the table, how much gold and experience do I earn compared to a character that is closer in level to the APL?

A: You earn only half the experience points and gold pieces that you’d earn if you had played the adventure with a character of a closer level to the APL.

Q: What optional or variant rules does the Living Greyhawk campaign use from the Dungeon Master’s Guide?

A: The Living Greyhawk campaign only uses optional rules that are specifically listed in the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (LGCS) or in Dispel Confusion articles. Sidebars in the Dungeon Master’s Guide entitled “Variant” are not used in the Living Greyhawk campaign, unless specifically noted in a campaign-approved source.

Q: If I find a spell in a spellbook, on a scroll, or in some other written form, do I have access to it?

A: If you find a spell on your spell list in a written item, once you purchase that item, you now have access to the spell. For example, if a sorcerer finds and purchases a spellbook with the spell snake’s swiftness in it, he may choose to learn the spell at his next available and valid opportunity. If there’s any question as to whether the spell is actually written on or in the purchasable item, it is not valid for this type of access. Valid examples include scrolls, spellbooks, tablets, and notes.

Q: I have a bard character. If I find a spellbook that contains sorcerer/wizard spells, and some of them are bard spells as well, does purchasing the spellbook give me access to those spells?

A: Yes. Even though you may not be able to cast the spells from the spellbook, as long as the spells are legible to the character, you have access to the spells that appear on that classes’ list.

Q: I understand now that I can get access to spells from written items. What happens if I lose the item, sell the item, or it is destroyed?

A: It depends on the spellcasting character’s class. Wizards and other spellcasters that prepare spells from a spellbook lose access to the spell, unless the spell has already been scribed into another written source, such as a spellbook. Clerics, druids, and other divine casters that prepare from a list do not lose access – once they’ve found and purchased the item, it is considered a known spell for purposes of preparing spells. Sorcerers, bards, and other arcane casters that spontaneously cast spells must have already added the spell to their list of spells known in order to continue to use the spell; otherwise, they lose access, and cannot add the spell unless they find access again.

Q: If I find a spellbook that has a spell that I want, do I need to purchase the whole spellbook to obtain access?

A: Yes. Any written items (spellbooks, scrolls, etc.) must be purchased at the full cost in order to obtain access to any spells or other options present in them.

Q: Recently, I’ve noticed rules items (spells, feats, magic items, etc.) appearing on Adventure Records from sources such as the Player’s Handbook II. Is Player’s Handbook II a valid source for the Living Greyhawk campaign?

A: If you receive access to a rules item on an adventure record, and it is not referenced in the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (LGCS), the adventure record access is valid. We anticipate that material from Player’s Handbook II (as well as other new books) will be referenced in the next LGCS.


Q: The Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook lists Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns Cards through Mark of Heroes set 4. What cards are allowed in the Living Greyhawk campaign from the most recent sets?

A: Here is a listing of the cards allowed in the Living Greyhawk campaign from Mark of Heroes set 5 and Xen’drik Expeditions set 1 (this is in addition to all cards currently allowed in the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook):

  • Back to the Wall (Mark of Heroes set 5, card 3)
  • Rooftop Elite (Mark of Heroes set 5, card 5)
  • Raging Spell (Mark of Heroes set 5, card 8)
  • Natural Survivor (Xen’drik Expeditions set 1, card 8)

Additional Errata on ADP6-01 Fane of the Drow

The Adventure Record gives access to the spell nightshield, which is restricted in the Living Greyhawk campaign. Effective immediately, this should instead be replaced with the spell ectoplasmic armor. This spell is found in the Spell Compendium, pages 77-78. In a short time, the adventure record will be corrected to incorporate this errata.

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